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SCL26 - Leads Pack - Roland Fantom G

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 14,00 €
This collection contains a selection of lead sounds for your Fantom G... 17 new sounds!
Added by Davek
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A useful leads pack for your powerful Roland Fantom G. You could enhance your synth with these new 17 program! Programmed by Davek for Leadsounds.

01: Fantom Lead Pack
02: The Fantom PiG
03: SH Delayed
04: Juno Phaser
05: MG Square Lead
06: Prophet Lead
07: Strato Sync
08: Fantom Lead
09: Wailing Lead
10: Sine OD Lead
11: Filter Lead
12: Axel Lead
13: Dist Square
14: BPF Lead
15: Dream Lead
16: Patriots Lead
17: Phasering BS (BONUS)


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