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LDX13 - Acos Cover Pack - Korg M3 / M50 / Krome

Sales Price: 29 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
This is a Full Album Patches Collection designed for Korg M50 Keyboards. This collection contains custom sounds by the S4K Team designed to cover the famous EP by Dream Theater
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If you want to sit on the keyboard and play "A change of seasons", this is the ideal patches collection. With these patches, you can play without program any sound. These 30 patches were created to have all sounds only with the touch of switch pedal.

Over specific sounds, that were provided by Kevin Moore's arrangement in 1994, this collection comprehends also 2 bonus patches, created by S4K's team.

I'm talking about S4KFUZZ LEAD (used by Derek Sherinian in various solo in the plays) and S4KCLONEHAMMOND (a clone created entirely with internal samples of M3/M50's rom with drawbars and different controls).

This collection was born by my needs to play this song and by the curiosity and desire to find in the new generation of WS Korg the old sound of Korg W/01 (used by Dream Theatre for recording the songs).

Patches List:

000: Piano+Choir : split
001: groove(sw2): Upper lead, Lower guitar-lead groove----sw2--upper glockenspiel, Lower piano
002: E.piano wah: Auto wah
003: Piano
004: S4kHammondClone
005: Hammclone+groove: split
006: S4K Fuzz mono Lead
007: HammClone+piano:split
008: S4KHammondClone
009: S4K Fuzz mono Lead
010: Dream pad
011: S4KHammondClone
012: CarpeDiem: Upper Strings----SL4 SL5organ strings2 Lower glockenspiel
013: Hamm+fuzz:split
014: Organ Solo


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