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SCL77 - ( Bundle ) Custom Library V1 + V2 - Nord Electro 4 - 5 - 6 / Stage 2 - 2EX / Wave / Piano 2 -3

Sales Price: 59 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
Custom Library V1 + Custom Library V2 Bundle for Nord Electro / Stage / Wave / Piano. Heavy leads, dreaming pads and abstract pianos can really inspire your music production... 130 sounds
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Finally available the great bundle pack for Nord Electro 4 - 5 - 6 / Stage 2 - 2 / Wave / Piano 2 - 3: Custom Library V1 + Custom Library V2 = 130 new sounds !!!

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This soundset contains 40 nsmp files for the Nord keyboards compliant with the Nord Sample library (NE3, NE4, Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2). There are  20 amazing PADS, 10 complex and evolving sounds, 10 sounds from famous songs. You can load it using the Nord Sample Library. Your Nord keyboard won't be the same after trying these sounds. Enjoy.


Nord Custom Library vol.2 is a set of 90 timbres for Nord keyboards that are compliant with the Nord Sample Library 2.0.

It has been expressly thought for the “Nord Electro” series, that does not permits to split the keyboard in two zones one with a timbre and the other with a different one (except for the Organ section) or to combine two or more timbres to form a rich layered patch. These features are available starting from the Nord Electro 5 but at a level not so deep as the library offers (you cannot layer 4 or 5 timbres for examples).

You can finally use split sounds on NordElectro Series since all programs are already sampled and splitted; you will get the sensation of having a Nord Electro 5!

The library can be used also on the “Nord Stage” serie (you have to check if your model can load samples from the Nord Sample Library v 2.0) and on the Nord Wave as well. The library is the sequel to the Nord Custom Library vol.1 available here.


These patches are thought to be used in those situations in which you have to play the bass on your left hand because you don’t have a bass player. The sound on the left in the name is the sound you have on your left hand. The sounds are splitted at C3.

• ElectricBass-DXPiano
• ElectricBass-DynoRhodes
• ElectricBass-EnsembleBrass
• ElectricBass-Hammond88866638ChorusLeslieFastPercOff
• ElectricBass-Hammond888PercOnChorusLeslieSlow
• ElectricBass-Hammond888PercOnChorusNoLeslie
• ElectricBass-Pad
• ElectricBass-Piano
• ElectricBass-PianoPad
• ElectricBass-Rhodes
• ElectricBass-Strings
• ElectricBass-SynthBrass
• ElectricBass-SynthStrings
• SynthBass-DXPiano
• SynthBass-DynoRhodes
• SynthBass-EnsembleBrass
• SynthBass-Hammond888PercOnChorusLeslieSlow
• SynthBass-Hammond888PercOnChorusNoLeslie
• SynthBass-Pad
• SynthBass-Piano
• SynthBass-Rhodes
• SynthBass-Strings
• SynthBass-SynthBrass
• SynthBass-SynthStrings


These patches are thought to be used in those situations in which you have a bass player but you need a splitted patch. The sound on the left in the name is the sound you have on your left hand. The sounds are splitted at C3.

• Hammond-Dyno
• Hammond-EnsembleBrass
• Hammond-Pad
• Hammond-Piano
• Hammond-PianoDX
• Hammond-PianoPad
• Hammond-Rhodes
• Hammond-Strings
• Hammond-SynthBrass
• Hammond-SynthStrings
• Pad-Dyno
• Pad-EnsembleBrass
• Pad-Hammond888PercOnChorusNoLeslie
• Pad-Piano
• Pad-PianoDX
• Pad-Rhodes
• Pad-Strings
• Pad-SynthBrass
• Pad-SynthStrings
• StringsHi-Dyno
• StringsHi-EnsembleBrass
• StringsHi-Hammond888PercOnChorusNoLeslie
• StringsHi-Piano
• StringsHi-PianoDX
• StringsHi-PianoPad
• StringsHi-Rhodes
• StringsHi-SynthBrass
• StringsLo-Dyno
• StringsLo-EnsembleBrass
• StringsLo-Hammond888PercOnChorusNoLeslie
• StringsLo-Piano
• StringsLo-PianoDX
• StringsLo-PianoPad
• StringsLo-Rhodes
• StringsLo-SynthBrass


These are typical layers you can use in a live situation. This section is expressly dedicated to some of the most famous patches from the MKS-20 module.

• DXPianoPad
• DXPianoStrings
• DXPianoStringsPad
• DXPianoSynthStrings
• DynoPad
• DynoStrings
• DynoStringsPad
• DynoSynthStrings
• MKS20DynoEP1TX
• MKS20DynoEP1TXPad
• MKS20DynoEP1TXStrings
• MKS20DynoEP1TXStringsPad
• MKS20PwrGrndBrass
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1TX
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1TXPad
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1TXStrings
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1TXStringsPad
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1Pad
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1Strings
• MKS20PwrGrndEP1StringsPad
• MKS20PwrGrndEp1BrassSynth
• MKS20PwrGrndSynth
• PianoPad
• PianoPadStrings
• PianoStrings
• PianoSynthStrings
• RhodesPad
• RhodesStrings
• RhodesStringsPad
• RhodesSynthStrings



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