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LDX165 - Essential Voice + chorale sounds - Nord Electro 5 Series

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
Custom Sound Library for Nord Electro 5 series, is created for the serious keyboard player who need great high quality sound... 50 New Programs + 12 bonus sounds
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Essential voices is a custom sounds library for Nord Electro 5 created to meet the studio and live needs of those who need a wide range of piano, organs, strings and pads. An essential collection for holders of Nord Electro 5.
The collection comes with a bonus pack for choral music.

Programmed and Played by Antonio Piangiolino.

"This library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles. However, we provide to you the individual programs and samples"

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Patches List: ( 50 Programs )
1 Piano and Pad
2 Mks Layer Piano
3 Comp Rhodes
4 Choired Organ
5 90 Piano Layer
6 Dx7 Bottled Epno
7 LivingRoom B3
8 Full Clavinet
9 Paddy Wurly
11 Belly mkV
12 The End PianoStr
13 Romantic Duo
14 Tack Piano
15 Gospeling
16 PianoOrchestra
17 Dx7 Legend Tine
18 VibesRhodes Mk5
19 Pariss Duo
20 Piano Athmosphere
21 Halleluya
22 Saudade Piano
23 Super Upright
24 Harpsy Holder
25 Beauty El Piano
26 Cheap Organ
27 Paich Upright
28 Dirty El Piano
29 Slow Strings
30 D Bass And Piano
31 Bagpipe Type
32 Distort Clavinet
33 The Fusion
34 Lorber Elpno
35 Chick FM piano
36 PianoSynthLayer
37 Chinese Wall
38 Joey Theme
39 Oye Como Va
40 Lullaby
41 Piano Flute
42 Piano Strings
43 Fagen Rhodes
44 Sweet Tone Upr
45 Pno split Cello
46 Abbey Room
47 LuteHarmony
48 Grande Bellezza
49 Harmonium
50 80 GrandStack

Bonus: Chorale sounds

1 Grand Organo
2 Chorale ReedsFlu
3 Chorale OboeFlut
4 Chorale Flute
5 Chorale Oboe
6 Chorale Dulciana
7 Chorale Viola
8 Chorale OldPipe


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