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( Bundle ) The Famous Synth V.1 + The Starter Pack - Nord Electro 5 series

Sales Price: 78 €
Discounted Price: 59,00 €
The Starter pack and The Famous Synth: a bundle pack full of classic sounds of the most famous digital keyboards and analog synthesizers, FM and wavetable synthesis sounds from the '80s and '90s for Nord Electro 5 series...40 new sounds!!!
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Programmed for the synth engine of the Nord Electro 5 series
Just subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis, this collection recreates the most famous synth sounds of the 80's and 90's.

Programmed by Simone Liotta

Patches List:
Daft voices SL
JumpV SL
The Final SL
Time after SL
What a feel SL
Orinoco SL
PopcornV SL
80s stringsh
Who can it be SL 
I wanna dance SL
Stuf SL 
In the air SL
Thinking SL
Colours SL
Face SL
Analogue bass SL
My house SL
Daft poly SL
Depache choir SL
Scat SL


The Starter Pack is a collection of 20 classic sounds of the most famous digital keyboards and analog synthesizers for Nord Electro 5 series.
It is a collection of sounds that can be adapted to various genres and musical needs: leads, choir, mono and poly synth sounds, pianos.
Patched and performed by Simone Liotta

Patches list:

1) 70 strings (Disco strings)
2) 80s lead
3) Acoustic guitar
4) Atmo pad
5) D50 polybrass
6) Dynamic horns
7) Epic chioir
8) Funk stab
9) Gigi
10) Guitar western
11) Horns
12) Human bells
13) Hyper pad
14) Keypiano 1
15) Keypiano 2
16) Moog solo 1
17) Moog solo 2
18) Orchestron Ahh
19) Saw city
20) Vector pad SL


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