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LDX174 - Monster Pack MKIII - Kurzweil Forte

Sales Price: 149 €
Discounted Price: 99,00 €
Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads, other sounds and 3 cover packs (Queen, Toto and Pink Floyd)...the greatest bundle for Kurzweil Forte!
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Finally available the Monster Pack MKIII for Kurzweil!

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Useful collection to cover some cool stuff by Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess: over 100 new sounds ready to play!

Patches List:
- solitaryshell(slider 1 active same sound in 3 different octaves when playing)
- solitary shell 2(lead)
- solitary shell5(use sustain for playing slide guitar)
- Pre verse dxpno (under a glass moon)
- Preverse bell (take the time-under a glass moon)
- organo & leslie
- synbell mk1(take the time)
- riff bell mk2(take the time)
- take time SLD1(Slider 1 volume string layers)
- 6dgssintro(zone 2 mute piano) Slider 1 volume layer 1..slider 2 volume layer 2
- clear piano k2600
- pull o end(string organ split)
- Pull guitar stng
- Pull riff(split string left)
- pull0(lead)
- edge jr 1
- edge jr choir
- edge jr pizzicato layers percussion
- edge jr 11
- edge jr 12
- edge jr 6
- edge jr 7
- Chitbass (very nice bass guitar dist ,like jordan rudess morgenstein parts on left hands)
- clavs
- pizzicato and percussion
- dynamic trumbet
- over intro(a lot of split sounds with percussion and pwm layers)
- Crystal voices
- Bell across(nice bell)
- phase swimmer(fx)
- 4,5 pole(nice lead saw)
- saw image lead(good lead emulate dw 8000 lead)
- gLASS WEB(xylo,bells, sound)
- pullorg(organ splitted in lower and hi part of keyboard with same octave)
- gtr stng (pull me under clean guitar)
- saw imae lead 1(another great lead from images & words)
- orch 6 dgss intro(huge orchestral program “all in one”)
- take the timestr
- mFaRnisrcu(percussion pogram)
- Metro percu (anohter percussion program from I&W)
- Wispy one (pad string)
- DX Rhds(good e piano DX fm)
- SickoSynco (sync lead)
- Fluty lead
- Solitr Lead(solitary shell main lead)
- Brt concert pok (k2600 brite piano)
- slight guitar (clean metallic guitar)
- hip brass

Full Song Setlist:

- Over the edge
- Pull Me Under
- Six degrees orchestra and piano
- Take the time
- Under a glass moon
- Solitary Shell

-Universal Mind

-Paradigm Shift

-Kindred Spirit


-Another Dimension

-Acid Rain


SFAM COVERS is designed to recreate the sounds of the well known album "Scenes From a Memory"album by Dream Theater. This awesome collection is the result of our programmers experience and therefore subject to customization. All these new sounds are inspired by Jordan Rudess textures made with Kurzweil SP4 7/8 and we tried to reproduce as far as possible these sounds in order to build the final sound of the group. These combinations have been tested by other users with positive feedbacks. The package requires anyway a good knowledge of the parts to run before you can deal with these combinations.

Patched and performed by Inemokeys.


- Regression
- Overture 1928
- Strange Deja Vu
- Through my Words
- Fatal Tragedy
- Bejond this Life
- Through her Eyes
- Home
- The Dance of Eternity
- One Last Time
- The Spirit Carries On
- Finally Free


Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads and other sounds... 41 new sounds ready to play.

Patched and performed by GioJ93 for Leadsounds.

Patches List:
- ResoGliderLead
- SoulKB3
- Super Sync Lead
- Unison
- VelSync
- NewAgePiano
- Runaway
- SyncPad
- SquarePercLead
- ReverseCrashPad
- MovingLead
- SweetSawlead
- Saw Lead
SliderA + MPress: Vibrato
SliderB: Filter resonance
SliderD: Stereo detune 
ModWheel + CC Pedal1: Filter cutoff
Sw1 (MIDI 30) + Sw2: Harmonics layers 
- Saw Lead2
- Slow Strings
CC Pedal1: Strings layers volume
Sw1 (MIDI30): Ampenv 
- Liquid T Wah
CC Pedal1: Wah
- Beast Organ
SliderE + SliderF: Crazy FUN
ModWheel: DistGuitar layer volume
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Fifth note
Sw2: Sync layer volume
CC Pedal1: Harmonics
- Distorsion Organ
- PianoPad
Sw1 (MIDI30) + Sw2: Mute layer
- SuperSyncLead
MPress: Feedback
ModWheel: Feedback harmonics crossfade
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Feedback 
- PercLead
CC Pedal1: Wah 
- PercLead2
CC Pedal1: Wah
Sw1 (MIDI30): Sync layer volume 
- Analog Lead
- Sawnoise
Modwheel: Filter FUN
- Sawbrass 
- Sine Lead 
Sw1 (MIDI 30): Feedback harmonics layers volume 
- SquarePercLead
- PigRiff 
- Big Band
- Another Way 
- Unison 
- SawTLead 
- Super Trance Pad
ModWheel: Filter cutoff 
- Trance Lead 
ModWheel: Filter cutoff
- SupersawDynPad
Velocity: filter cutoff
InvVelocity: filter resonance
ModWheel: filter cutoff
- Soft Reso
Sustain: Harpsichord layer enable
- Percussive


Thank you for purchasing this sound package where you will find, 35 new programs including leads and synth sounds and some other special sound (including organs and pianos) suitable for your creations and backtracks.

Patches List:
-Pseudo Jens Lead sound inspired by Jens J. lead polysix
-JD800 Memories Organ -Oxygene 4 Lead reproduction of the JJJ lead
-Slow Strings relax strings
-OLD hammer wha inspired by a tone used by J. Hammer with a good dose of square and distortion
-envlp Synth Self-modulating synth
-ballad lead square / saw lead with delay. Slider 1 switches the oscillator from saw to square
-Sync Pad Pads from the 70s
-Saw NOISE pungent and decisive synth sound
-Saw BRASS Characteristic 80s sound synth brass with a slight chorus and delay
-Sine lead
-Square Perc Lead Square Lead with the addition of percussion (especially in the bass)
-Pig riff inspired by the sound of J.R.
-Unison Analog Lead
-Sof reso Synth with a self-resonance
-Violin / Harpsich String and Harpsichord
-Lead Inemosaw synth lead 90s
-pinella1 Inspired by the lead By M.Pinella (JP8000)
-Unison Lead another stamp inspired by the Tone analog Lead
-Scram Lead Synth "Delicate"
-Shaped Saw Saw Lead with a slight phase in cycle
-Fuzz WHA inspired by the sound on Trinity v1. Modulation with MOD WHEEL
-Wha Guitar MW mute guitar with mod modality in the modwheel
-Monster poly inspired by the tone of Derek S. modulation in the modwheel
-Guitar Lead mn lead distorted mono
-Overdrive organ
-RESOmod wheel synth with much resonance and distortion Mod wheel
-Sof saw inspired by the sound of K.moore
-Squarsaw square and saw lead
-Square T Lead One of the frst Square-based sounds of the Liquid T Lead
-Inemo Sitar
-Brt Concert Pok Very bright piano with a dynamic that can make you perceive the various levels
-Org Dist 2


Useful colelction to cover the most famous soungs made by Queen in their extraordinary career... Enjoy these 13 new sounds!


-One Vision intro(press and hold D2, for 2nd string Press and release D3)
-Radiogaga Intro(split part with synth bass and arpeggiator)
-Break free lead(I want to break free lead solo)

PROGRAM (for both parts):

-Fast Tutti Mix(One vision String Intro)
-Charlemagne Clav(arp on one vision)
-Fast Tutti Mix(One vision string)
-Slow Mix Rel(2nd string on One vision intro)
-Who want 4ever(i try to replicate DX7 intro sound of this song)
-Show must trng(show must go on intro string)
-Too much lovep( DX7 FM piano emulate for Too much love will kill you)
-Synth BASS 2(Radio gaga arp bass)
-break free brpwm(I want to break free intro synth brass)
-Break free piano


This pack includes 10 of the most famous sounds you can hear in TOTO music.


Africa Intro(Original synth brass & marimba)
Africa live PARIS(2007 piano part )
Rosanna piano and organ

PROGRAM (for both parts):

Africa marimba
Africa brass #1
Africa piano#1
Africa flutes
Toto piano
Africa solo Brass#2
Free lead2


A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd. We made an update version of PF Cover Pack MKI adding some previously unrealeased sounds with a more realistic ambience. 35 new programs and setups compatible with your Kurzweil Forte.

Patches List:

001: Dark Wah Rhodes
002: Diamond Lead
003: Leslie Floyd I
004: Slow Solina
005: Leslie Floyd II
006: Leslie Piano
007: Speak To Rhodes
008: Colour Dly Lead
009: Leslie Floyd III
010: Dark Moon Bass
011: Dark Moon Pads
012: Coming to Pad
013: Leslie Days
014: Turning Pad
015: Dark Wah Wurly
016: Inside the Pad
017: Sorrow I
018: Cigar Harm Lead
019: Hey Wurly
020: Leslie Floyd IV
021: Dark Phase Rhodes
022: Mother Bars
023: Happiest Orch

001: Diamond Setup
002: Become Numb
003: Time I
004: Time II
005: OOTD Setup
006: Echoes I
007: ITF I
008: Have a Setup
009: Sorrow I
010: Diamond Setup II
011: Lap Steeel Wheel
012: Learn to Pad


Synth Sound is proud to announce the release of the new EVO ( Enhanced V.A.S.T. Objects ) Sound Library exclusively for your Kurzweil Forte / Forte SE

It is the first collection of samples and programs inspired by the most famous songs by legendary band "Pink Floyd"... many more samples and program collections will be provided in the next release adding value to owners of Forte keyboards. These extensive sound collections were developed with maniacal attention to detail with over 64 new sounds entirely programmed from scratch for the Forte series ( Forte / 7 / SE ). Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).

Patches List

Animals Lead
Leslie Floyd I
Slow Solin
Leslie Floyd II
Solina Strings
Speak to Rhodes
Colour Dly Lead
Leslie Floyd III
Dark Moon Bass
Cigar Lead
Wright 70's
Solina StrDly
Hey U Rhodz
Pink DeepBassmoog
Leslie Floyd IV
Poly Brass Numb
Mother Bars
Pigsy Perc
1977 AnimalsRhds
Happiest Orch
Wright Leslie
Slow Numb Mix
Signs Pad
Prophet Hell Sync
Wright 1970
PF Whistle Fx
Shine Minimoog
Astronomy Echorc
Take LFO
Pink BassPedal
Perc Days PF
Money Wha/Delay
Machine Moog
Sorrow Pad I
Division Pad
Phaze Chimes 

Time I
Have a Patch
Learn to Patch 
Pink's Opera
Pigs Patch
Shine II
Mother Live
Hey U Patch
The Great Patch
Dogs Moog
Comfortable Str
Leave me now
Coming Patch
Endless Patch
New Shine Patch!


Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for