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LDX123 - Monster Pack V.1 - Yamaha MOX / MOXF

Sales Price: 136 €
Discounted Price: 79,00 €
A collection of sounds for the Yamaha MOX / XF: includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Toto and also some other patches to give you the best live experience... over 100 new sounds!!!
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A collection of lead sounds for the Yamaha MOX / XF, includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Toto songs and also some other patches to give you the best live experience... over 100 new sounds!!!

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Leads Pack MKIII

Keyboard Solo
The famous sound inspired by Derek Sherinian

Monster Lead
The legendary Monster sound inspired by the textures of Derek Sherinian

A variation of the legendary Monster sound inspired by the textures of Derek Sherinian

Octavarium Lead
Inspired by the intro of “Octavarium” (Dream Theater)

Dw8000 Lead
Iinspired by the most famous lead of Kevin Moore
Modulation on aftertouch and mod.wheel

Analog Live Lead
Inspired by the famous lead used in the PFM Live
Modulation on aftertouch and mod.wheel

Beneath the surface lead (new)
Inspired by the famous lead used in the song “beneath the surface” - Dream Theater

This is the life lead (new)
Inspired by the famous lead used in the song “This is the life” - Dream Theater

Tom Sawyer Lead 1
Inspired by Tom Sawyer lead

Power Lead
A classic distorted lead tone used by many metal keyboard player like
Jens Johnansson

Kevin Moore Lead
The famous sound inspired by Kevin Moore

Freak Lead
A JR lead with flanger effect


PF Cover Pack V3

Patches List:
Division Piano
Division Bell
Hard Organ
On the run loop
Money WhA Piano * ( Loop Sample on C ) 
Shine On Pad 0
Shine On Lead
Shine On Intro Organ
Shine On Lead Part 2
Echoes Piano 0
Time Brass
Time Strings 0
Time Distor Wha Piano
Time String2
On the run Effect
Ufo * ( Shine On FX Sample on G )
Shine Wind
Shine Stri P2I Intro
Shine Bass Arp
Pink Floyd El. Piano
Slide Guitar 0 *
Any Colour you like
Old Guitar 0 
Wish you w. h. synth
One of these days
Pigs Intro 0 
Hey You Flies
Shine On Synth
Have a cigar Lead
Shine Clavi
Shine on Lead FINALE
The wall children * ( Samples on respectively C, D, E, F, G, A )
On the run Patch * ( Sample on C ) Load the OTR Sequence and Play 
Mother Organ
Division Bell
Time Intro 0 * ( Loop Sample on F# )
Shine On Intro ( Sample on G on high Velocity )
Shine On Part2 Intro


T9t9 Cover Pack

99 solo synth brass
Inspired by the Synth brass solo of “99”

Africa Marimba 
Inspired by the Marimba of “Africa”

Africa piano

Africa Synth Brass
Inspired by the synth brass of “Africa”

Bottom Of Your Soul Pad
Inspired by the Pad intro of “Bottom Of Your Soul”

home of the brave piano

home of the brave string

H ome of the Brave 
Inspired by the intro of “Home of the Brave”
Piano e strings on AF1

H ome of the Brave DX
Inspired by the intro of “Home of the Brave”

Mr Friendly Synth
Inspired by the intro of “Mr Friendly”
DX on velocity

Stop loving you DX Piano
Inspired by the DX piano of “Stop loving you”

Toto Rock Brass

Toto Rock Piano
Inspired by the rock piano on the Toto Live!
80's Strings on AF1
AEG relase +4 on AF2


Classic Keys

Patches List:

Voices: ( User 1 )
A001: Full Concert Grand (Classic Grand Piano)
A002: Rocky AS2 (a Rock organ)
A003: Simple Saw Brass
A004: Final Pad (slow brass pad)
A005: Progressiverock Lead (aggressive lead sound)
A006: Lucky (Moog lead with a lot of portamento)
A007: Fat Saw Arpeggio (arpeggio programmed for the song "No Easy Way Out")
A008: Rock Grand Piano (grand Piano for live situations)
A009: Crunchy Comp (Nice Rhodes Piano)
A010: Medium Hall (Strings)
A011: Separate Ways (Synth split for the Song "Separate Ways"
A012: Summer '69 (synth for the song "Summer of '69)
A013: Pad & Syn
A014: Queens
A015: Deep Distortion (Perfect stranger Organ)
A016: JUMP (Obx synth brass)
B005: SUSPIRIA (bells)
B006: Runaway (Clavi patch for the 1985 version)

Performances: ( User 1 )
A001: Supreme Wyde Synth (a very large synth pad)
A002: Dynamic Strings
A003: J.Lord Beast (trying to emulate Jon Lord)
A004 Fantasy '80 Piano (Electric Piano and pad)
A005: Lake Pad (Pad)
A006: Massive Bell Pad (Bell pad from Trinity patches)
A007: Green Oasis (Motion Synth)
A008: Harpsi and Strings
A009: Grand Live Piano (Rock piano for live situations)
A010: '80 Synth Brass
A011: HereIgoVrs (Vocal Pad)
A012: Still of the Night (bells on the lower notes, strings on the upper. programmed for "Still of the Night" centre part)
A013: Arianes Nighwalk
A014: Final C (final Countdown patch)
A015: Yearn to see you (Slow pad and lead)
A016: Abyss of the Sea
B001: Philarmonic (Grand Orchestra)
B002: Slow Pad Choir
B003: 1984 (Van Halen album intro)
B004: HereIgoInt (Here I go Again intro)
B005: J Cain Piano (Journey piano… Don't Stop Believing and more)
B006: Don't you ("Don't you, forget about me" SPLIT)
B007: HoldtheLin (Toto Piano)
B008: Rebel Yell (Rebel Yell Split)
B009: Alex YMH Lead (My lead on yamaha)
B010: November Rain Split (Patch for november Rain)
B011: G.Piano & Strings (Strings muted by As2)
B012: Symphonic Choir
B013: Digital Synth (AOR synth Bells)
B014: Runaway 2012 (a new patch for Bon Jovi song: inspired by the recent Bon Jovi Live videos)
B015: Lead Air Pad ( huge lead synth)
B016: Clavanator (Funky Clavinet)


Bonus User Bank:

Grand Piano&S
Walk Of Life Synth
Walk Of Life Organ
PFM Moog Live
DT Strings & Choir
Eye in the sky bass
Impressioni Lead
Deep Distortion Organ
Hard Strings
On The Backs Intro
Eye Piano Sample
Monster Lead
Kurz Piano
Eye Strings 2 ribbon
Don't You Pad
Don't You brass
Acqua e Sapone Synth
Acqua e Sapone Pad
Tom Sawyer Synt
Tom Sawyer Lead
Final C. Pitch
Final C. Pad
Final C. Brass
Final C. Portamento
Goblin Suspiria
Child in Time
Take on Me Synth
Classic Piano
Toto Rock Piano
Classic Piano 2 
Octavarium Pad
Shine On Pad
Shine On Lead
Beneath the sur le
This is the Lif Lead
Africa Marimba
Toto Rock Brass
Pink Floyd El. Piano
Slide Guitar
Hey You Flies
Home Sitar
Pig Riff
Minimoog Lead 1
Minimoog Lead 2
I want to break Pad
I want to break Lead
Analog Fusion Lead
PFM Moog Live
DX Synth Bell
New Wah Lead
Shine On Intro
Tom Sawyer Patch
Octavarium Patch


Yamaha ® is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for.