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SSX102 - Ultimate Leads MKIII - Korg Krome - Ex

Sales Price: 79 €
Discounted Price: 59,00 €
This is the best leads collection ever made on Krome.
Provides a lot of professional leads, like the legendary Liquid Lead, Monster Lead, Key Solo and so on, over 46 new patches...
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Ultimate Leads MkIII contains a very large collection of "prog metal leads and sounds", inspired by the greatest keyboard players: Jordan RudessDerek SherinianKevin MooreMichael PinnellaJens Johansson and so on... It provides a lot of professional leads, like the legendary Liquid LeadMonster Lead, Key Solo and so on. This is the best leads collection ever made on Korg Krome . Designed and performed by Alex Di Donna ( SynthSound ).

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Patches List: Program A - Combi A )

Liquid Lead
Liquid Wah
New Wah Lead
Pig Riff Plus / I / II / III 
Vintage analog / modern 
Monster Lead / Dly
Key Solo / V3
Clone Hammond / New Clone B4
Fuzz Poly / Lead
Wailing Lead
Power Lead
VeloWha Lead(sw2)
Dw8000 Lead
Soft Lead
Continuum pads
JD8 groove I / II / III / IV 
New Wave Filter
MonsterRhodesDS FrangePad
DS Groove X / II
Velo Modular LeadI
&W BassLead / LTL / Live lead / Square /II / KM
Liquid Hammer
Liquid Wah Lead (T.o.T)
JR RA Sitar
JR RA Lead
Steel lead / II
Awake Strings
JR Rev. Piano 
Monster King


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