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Products tagged as : Plucks

Welcome to this new free sound library ready to download ! VS-04 Vintage Synth is a library of 255 sounds or, more properly, Kontakt instruments inspired by the glorious SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth expansion card for Roland XP, JD, JV, XV synthesizers serie.

Classic Synths & Pads for Sequential Take 5 it's a sound set that includes versatile sounds for different styles like Pop, Soul, R&B, Funk and others. The Mod Wheel adds different characteristics to the sounds, it is more noticeable in some patches... 32 new sounds!

A custom library of presets made for Animoog. No expansion packs needed. 40 amazing timbres (PADS, LEADS, BASSES, PLUCKS). Listen to the demo song: it has been created using only Animoog with my custom sounds, Cubasis and StepPolyArp without any midi...