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Products tagged as : Production

Here you will find a variety of original presets of different categories – arpeggios, atmospheres, drums, effects, leads, plucks, pads and sequences!... 56 presets!

Unleash an acoustic-electronic fusion in "Organica" for Korg Wavestate by LFO Store. Signature pianos, live cello, lush pads weave a sonic ecosystem... 40 presets!

"Ambient Machine" soundset contains 100 presets ready to go in your track: Big & Wide Strings, Complex Pads Drones, Plucks & Bells, Unusual polyphonic sounds.

The proposed soundset for the legendary synthesizer, Korg Wavestate, contains intricate arpeggios, bright cosmic leads, inspirational keyboards, shimmering multi-layered pads, enchanting sequences and even splits that allow you to play different parts at the same time... 40 presets!

Vector Galaxy contains 150 custom-made atmospheric pad drone string evolving sounds leads plucks all you need for atmospheric music production with authentic feeling!

40 exclusive presets for Korg Modwave are waiting for your action! They are suitable for various styles of music - for cinematics, ambient, electronic dance music, futuristic experiments or even adding a retro flavour to your music.

Soundset includes all NK sounds previously released from "Cosmos", "Cinematica", "Cyberkorg" soundsets... 109 presets!

This library of presets fuses aerospace sounds with church organs, magnetic fields leads with chanting chorales, and even robot factory arpeggios with deep meditative pads! Uncover these sound worlds with us using one of the best synthesizers of our time, Korg Modwave... 40 new presets!