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Products tagged as : Series

These collections provide all the sounds you need to play the full "Images and Words" studio album by american progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater bundled with the "Synth Class EXi" collection with sounds inspired by 80/90's years synths: Roland Jd800, Korg DW8000, etc...

This is a collection of acoustic pianos. There are samples of the famous Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Yamaha and old Japanese captured in a dry environment with professional condenser microphones... over 64 new piano sounds!

K- Wizard is a Bundle Pack that includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist in the band Dream Theater. Featuring many patches: leads, pads, organs, strings, splits, piano, guitars, synths, percussions, complete Songs Set-list... over 200 new sounds

Here you can find both analog type leads and digital type, from the softest to the heaviest, pads and other sounds... 28 new sounds

Three layers, full range samples for realistic playing! Inspired by Kurzweil® Piano, Pc3x triple strike piano layers...

These extensive sound collections have been developed with maniacal care to detail... over 120 sounds entirely programmed for the K2500 and K26xx series

The collection is inspired by the most famous songs by legendary band "Pink Floyd". These extensive sound collections have been developed with care to sound details... over 128 patches