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Products tagged as : Techno

40 classic dance sounds from early 90s genres, such as techno, breakbeat hardcore, house, and jungle.

This soundset brings out the gorgeous analog tone of a powerful synthesizer using its advanced digital FPGA hardware oscillators and voltage-controlled analog technology... 40 patches!

"Sci-Fi Textures and Loops" are unique sound effects in WAV 24 Bit 96 kHz format that are suitable for creating a dark, mysterious, alien atmosphere when creating science fiction films, games, and music tracks... 240 samples!

Featuring 5 kits, 100 one-shots divided into 10 categories and 80 processed loops it's a magmatic blend of various genres such as Techno, Hip Hop, BreakBeat, IDM and Dubstep at an experimental playground of 115 BPM.