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Products tagged as : custom sounds

A complete soundbank of 128 new patches, honed like a samurai sword and ready to go! This is a special extension to the "Astrolabe" sound bank built on its waves and loading into bank 2 (B) !

A great bundle pack now available: "Massive Synth" + "DKS Custom Sounds Vol.1" for your Sequential OB6 / Desktop ! 100 new sounds !!!

This is a unique collection for Sequential OB-6 that allows you to expand your musical horizon. This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as pads, lead sounds, pluck synth sounds, powerful synth, analog synth brass, aggressive basses... 30 new sounds !

"Azimuth" sound bank for Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop (only for SL license) include 128 new programs, 34 multi programs, 128 samples OSC !