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Products tagged as : montage

"FM-XtaSynth" is a library of 32 performances inspired to the darkwave, synthwave and synth pop genres and programmed using only the powerful Yamaha FM-X engine.

Kurzy Piano for Yamaha MONTAGE / M is a piano sound with full range samples for realistic playing. It is inspired by Kurzweil® K2600 Piano: this piano sound has been re-sampled with more dynamic accurancy and High Resolution...

Korg-Logia is a collection of sampled sounds inspired by the iconic sounds of the Korg world.

Finally available the PF COVER EXP Bundle that includes PF COVER EXP Live Edition + PF COVER EXP DARK SIDE EDITION!

This collection provides all the sounds you need to play the full "The dark side of the moon" studio album by Pink Floyd.

A great bundle pack available for Yamaha MONTAGE / M: Styles and Covers + Coverlogia Vol.1.

This library turns your Yamaha MONTAGE / M to an "arranger": these 20 new performances add to your workstation dedicated drum patterns, bass & guitar lines.

The ultimate bundle for those who love Pink Floyd music. It provides all the " PF " production for your workstation / synth...