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Products tagged as : waldorf

Soundset includes all NK sounds previously released from "Organica", "Cinematica", "Ambika" soundsets... 300 presets!

Every patch of this soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production of: Synth Pop, Electronica, Synthwave, RetroWave, Ambient, Electronica... 52 new sounds!

Tekno Vibe is a soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Waldorf Micro Q. 50 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel reaction & velocity controllers under 125 BPM.

"Rhythmica" is a Waldorf Blofeld’s soundset that expresses "everything in motion" principle. We have a wonderful collection of 50 original presets where everything is constantly moving, changing and evolving!

In this bank you will find different categories of presets: multi-layer pads, futuristic arpeggios, bright leads, polyphonic keys, cosmic effects, and many more... 50 presets!

"Ambika" soundset consists of 50 atmospheric & organic sound for Waldorf Blofeld...

Monster Pack V5 is finally available for Waldorf Blofeld: Monster Pack V2 + Synth Attack + Organica + The Very Best of Analog Synth + Astrolabe Sound Bank + Azimuth Sound Bank + Astrolabe EX + The Deep Ambient + Harmony of the Spheres + Explorations Sound Bank + Cosmic Leads Sound Bank + Ambika... over 800 sounds!

Monster Pack V4 is finally available for Waldorf Blofeld: Monster Pack V2 + Synth Attack + Organica + The Very Best of Analog Synth + Astrolabe Sound Bank + Azimuth Sound Bank + Astrolabe EX + The Deep Ambient... over 650 sounds!

Three soundbanks for Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop now available in the united package... 145 new sounds!

We made a set of presets for you, in which everyone can find leading sounds to their taste - soft, warm and analog, as well as sharp, aggressive and digital. In our set there are sounds with a long tail, and short plucked instruments, and also some experimental presets with complex modulation... 40 new sounds!

"Explorations" soundset opens up many new facets of using this beautiful German synthesizer. Here you will find cosmic pads, bright modulated leads, playful arpeggios, interesting effects and much more... 50 new sounds!

The soundbank is dedicated to the ancient philosophical concept of the harmony of the spheres, also known as Musica universalis... 55 presets for your Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop!

50 amazing presets with the focus on leads, synths, pads and ARPs. Sounds are suitable for scoring the soundtracks as well as for completely different styles of electronic music - for ambient, classical electronics, EDM, etc...

Three soundbanks for Waldorf Iridium / Quantum now available in the united package... 154 new sounds!

These presets are created for film scoring, but will be useful for ambient music and modern electronica / EDM as well - to create an extraordinary composition... 50 new sounds!

These sounds will be useful for ambient music, new age, cinematic and OSTs, as well as modern electronica and EDM... 52 new sounds!

"Explorations" for Walford Iridium / Quantum is a perfect soundset for synthwave, pop, dance and electronica music styles. Top-rated leads, mind-blowing basses, attractive sequences, dreamy plucks and even exclusive dance drum kits are available for you in this collection... 52 new sounds!

The Very Best of Analog Synth is the new original custom soundset for Waldorf Blofeld. 128 unique patches and 100% analogue flavour!

128 exclusive sounds for your Walforf Blofeld, in different categories: modular sequences, organic arps, great deep & spacey pads, vintage strings, ambient bells, fx’s & vintage leads.

This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as pads, lead sounds, analog synth... 25 new sounds!