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Products tagged as : Analog

Voltage is a collection of 30 classic analog sounds: Deep Basses, Authentic Leads, Dynamic Arps, Melodic Plucks, Emulations of JX, Juno, OB series synths.

FM Depths soundset contains 32 custom presets wide by categories & range... 32 presets!

Legacy is a collection of space sounds: Pads & Strings and one special powerful drone patch dedicated to Bladerunner 2049 Movie... 30 presets!

"Rhythmica" is a Waldorf Blofeld’s soundset that expresses "everything in motion" principle. We have a wonderful collection of 50 original presets where everything is constantly moving, changing and evolving!

Featuring 90 handcrafted presets, this collection for Reveal Sound Spire caters to a wide range of modern and classic metal productions across various music genres including every kind of rock, metal, and even more...

MoD JP-8000 is a small package of Roland JP-8000 samples, most of which are sounds created using SuperSaw OSC... 55 new presets!

Finally available a great bundle pack for Reveal Sound Spire: Electro Vintage Keys + Retro and Analog Tools.

Finally available a great bundle pack for Reveal Sound Spire: Electro Vintage Keys + Killer Pads.

Electro Vintage Keys for Reveal Sound Spire is a new collection of sounds that reproduces the atmosphere of the 70's and 80's with high quality patches... 42 new sounds!

Finally available a great bundle pack for Reveal Sound Spire: Killer Pads + Retro and Analog Tools.

This sound pack offers the best of the sound possibilities offered by the very powerful Reveal Sound Spire: pianos, pads, organ, choir, digital keys, poly synths and brass to be creative and original no matter the musical genre... 42 new sounds!

Korg RADIAS Soundbank "Impulse" 64 programs The new "Impulse" 64 programs add a new palette of sounds to this wonderful synthesizer...

Five great sounds collections now available in a bundle pack for Alesis Fusion 6/8: Best Analog & Ambient Sounds + Emotional Trap + Famous Sounds Collection + Famous Sounds & More Vol.2 + D-Mode Cover Pack... over 300 sounds!

This collection provides you the best analog and ambient sounds for Alesis Fusion 6 / 8... 131 new presets!

Il corso si svolgerà nella mattina di Sabato 17 dicembre 2022 dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 13:00 su SKYPE, in condivisione schermo con il sound designer - mixing engineer Andrea De Paoli e al termine del Workshop ogni allievo riceverà l'attestato finale nominativo come "MIXING ENGINEER"

Analog Dreams contains 64 organic presets useful in various musical genres such as cinematic, electronic, ambient, retrowave.