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Products tagged as : Nord Piano

A massive selection of pads, atmos, brass, plucks, leads and other synth sounds for film scoring, electronic music, sound design, pop-rock music, synthwave and much more. Hand-crafted sounds made with Sequential Circuits analog synths (Prophet Rev2 - Prophet 5)... 20 brand new sounds all with a classic "Sci-Fi" flavour

Elevate your music with the largest orchestral library for Nord keyboards. XL versions offer unmatched quality, while standard sizes balance quality and space. Get expressive articulations, natural panning, and seamless loops for endless creativity.

This soundset contains 40 nsmp files for Nord Piano 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. There are 20 amazing pads, 10 complex and evolving sounds, 10 sounds from famous songs.

This sound library includes a selection of pads, atmos and some synth sounds for film scoring, electronic music, sound design and much more…all with a "Sci-Fi" flavour... 20 new sounds!