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Products tagged as : Nord Stage 2

This sound library includes a selection of pads, atmos and some synth sounds for film scoring, electronic music, sound design and much more…all with a “Sci-Fi” flavour... 20 new sounds !

Programmed for the synth engine of the Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX. Just subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis, this XL collection recreates the most famous synth sounds of the 80's and 90's... 30 new patches !

This library for Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX patched by Enzo Messina was created to meet the keyboardist's studio and live needs... 44 new sounds !

Finally available the great bundle pack for Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX: D-logia Library V2+ The Famous Synth XL + The Sound Expansion... 80 new sounds !!!

Great collection of leads, pads ,synths, keys and sequences for Nord stage 2 / 2 EX... 40 new sounds !

The Synth Legends is a great collection of moving pads, organs, piano synths and clavinet inspired by the legendary synths by Roland®... 20 new sounds on about 175 MB new samples !

Finally available the great bundle pack for Nord Stage 2 / 2EX: The Modern Library + D-logia Library + The Future Library + 5 Bonus sounds... 123 new sounds !!!

The Sound Expansion is a collection of choirs, horns, pianos, wind instruments, strings and atmospheric sounds that are not included in the Nord Stage 2 factory bank... 20 new sounds !!!

The Modern Library contains 40 new pads, leads, keys and arp synthesizers for Nord Stage 2/ 2 EX

After the birth of Nord Stage 2 / 2EX, we created its first sound libraries: The Future Library and D-Logia libraries. Now we have selected the best 40 sounds to win all kinds of battle on stage.

D-Logia V2 Library is a new collection of 32 patches from D-50 and D-70 by Roland® for Nord Stage 2/EX.

This soundset contains 40 nsmp files for Nord Stage 2 / 2EX. There are 20 amazing pads, 10 complex and evolving sounds, 10 sounds from famous songs.

Synth Attack V1 + Monster Pack V2 Bundle for Nord Stage 2 / 2 ex. Heavy leads, dreaming pads and abstract pianos can really inspire your music production... 65 new patches

The Future Library is the first collection for Nord Stage 2 series. The library contains pads, pianos, leads, brass, strings and a lot of synthetic and acoustic sounds... 50 new patches !

The library explores about 3 decade of synthesis. This is an essential selection of all you need for a complete and professional approach to your Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX... 30 new programs

The Starter pack and The Famous Synth: a bundle pack full of classic sounds of the most famous digital keyboards and analog synthesizers, FM and wavetable synthesis sounds from the '80s and '90s for Nord Stage 2/ 2 EX... 60 new sounds !!!

The Starter pack is a collection of classic sounds of the most famous digital keyboards and analog synthesizers for Nord Stage 2/ 2 EX... 20 new sounds !!!