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Products tagged as : Radias

Korg RADIAS Soundbank ""Impulse"" 64 programs The new ""Impulse"" 64 programs add a new palette of sounds to this wonderful synthesizer...

Analog Dreams contains 64 organic presets useful in various musical genres such as cinematic, electronic, ambient, retrowave.

Imagine Korg Radias as a hero of action film. 128 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel & velocity controllers.

"Epica" soundset made to colour your soundtracks. Welcome to the private sound collection for the one of the most complex virtual analog engines - Korg Radias... 32 new sounds!

A lead sounds collection for your Korg Radias... 12 new patches

This collection contains the R3 and Microkorg sounds converted for Korg Radias!