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Wednesday, 23 October 2019 00:00



Published in Performer


Published in Performer

for the 30th anniversary of the Korg M1 Alex Di Donna jamming on this powerful Synth with the MSC-01 card

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This is a unique collection for Korg Prologue 16 users that allows you to expand your musical horizon...

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Thursday, 29 March 2018 00:00

Jamming on Korg Grandstage

Jamming on Korg Grandstage

Published in Performer
Saturday, 16 July 2016 00:00

Yamaha Montage Vs Korg Kronos 2

Published in Performer

download: https://www.synthonia.com/marketplace/lead4speed-kronos-monster-keysolo-detail

Lead 4 Speed / Revolution - Korg Kronos: Monster Rev. + Key Solo Rev.

The pack includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of keyboardist Derek Sherinian, famous as former Dream Theater member, and starter of a new keyboard sound often winking to fusion style textures.

Patches List:

Monster Revolution
Key Solo Revolution

Published in Programmer
Wednesday, 17 June 2015 07:09

Korg Z1 synth / Exb-moss

Korg Z1 synth

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The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology Patched for Korg Triton / Karma series: Extreme, Studio, Classic, Karma, LE, TR.
32 New COMBIs

Patches List: 

A001 OOTD Patch ( samples )
A002 Echoes Patch sw1
A003 Breathe    
A004 Time I
A005 Time II
A006 Time III
A007 Home Again
A008 Time Ending
A009 The Great Patch sw2
A010 Money sw1/-y ( samples )
A011 Us&Them sw2
A012 Any Colour You
A013 Brain Hamm+Slide
A014 Brain Ending
A015 Shine on Patch ( samples )
A016 Shine II
A017 Shine Solo+sol
A018 Sorrow I
A019 Sorrow II ( samples )
A020 Sorrow III
A021 Sorrow IV
A022 Comfortably I
A023 Comfortably II
A024 Brick Pt.1
A025 Empty Spaces ( samples )
A026 ITF I
A028 Thin Ice I
A029 Thin Ice II
A030 Final Cut Pad
A031 Coming Back Pad
A032 Marooned Intro

Published in Programmer


SynthSound is proud to announce its first Piano Collection:

New 32 Piano Sounds
More than 1GB of new samples
6 different SSX expansions
Up to 8 stereophonic multisamples x SSX 
Available on Kronos / Oasys / M3 / Triton


( requires 96 MB of RAM )


001 Stereo G-Piano 

002 Stereo G-Piano Hard

003 G-piano Dark Compression

004 Stage G-Piano

005 Stage Chorus G-Piano

006 Intimate G-Piano

007 G-Piano Reflections

008 G-Piano + Strings Sw2

009 G-Piano Atmos Sw2

Published in Programmer
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