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Clavia Nord C2d clone hammond jamming (Synthonia - Performer Marco Ballarani)   Just messing around for letting you hear the sound of internal Leslie simulation...   Video 1: First part:00:00 The classic Leslie sound Nord C2D direct out to a Roland SA1000 stereo amp, using internal rotary ...

Live! is a digital audio workstation made by Ableton that changed the life of a lot of musicians with its unique workflow. Compared to other software as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Audition or whatever you use, Live! offers to its users, in addition to the classic workflow, the capability to organize the ...

Planet Omnisphere Keyboard Solo Lessons Monster on Stage - Gadget Clavia Nord Lead A 1 Leads Pack Access Virus Ti2 Synth - Leads Pack Monster on Stage T-shirt
Synthonia by S4K is an online resource dedicated to all keyboard players and developers of applications for electronic musical instruments.

We would like to hear from any sound designers who have the knowledge and experience to design professional quality sounds using different synthesis engines and workstations and would like to make them available for purchase under the Synthonia brand. All sounds will be evaluated by our team before being accepted.

Joining Synthonia will enable you to have your apps or your patches easily accessible by a vast number of potential buyers. Selling your patches directly through our Marketplace is easy and allows you to earn SynthCoins that you can use to buy musical instruments or other software packages. Be a Pro... Be Synthonized!

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Produce your own sound / patches for your synth

Produce a short audio demo of your collection

Produce your own styles for your arranger

Follow our guide to build your Sound Pack

Send us your pack. We will check and load it

Give a price to your sound pack

You will EARN the 66% of each sold pack in SynthCoins!
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Produce a video. You can play a demo of a synthesizer, a song or anything else

Follow our guide about the specs of the file

Send us your video. We will check it and load it onto our channel

You will EARN SynthCoins based on views and likes on our YouTube channel!
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Produce a pack of video lessons

Follow our guide about the specs of the files

Send us your pack. We will check it and load onto our server

Give a price for your video lessons pack

You will EARN the 66% of each sold pack in SynthCoins!
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SynthCoins SynthCoins are a virtual currency used in the Synthonia platform.
You can earn the exact number of SC you need, or you may buy one of the available SC packs. They may be used to buy products within the platform, and also to accumulate credits with your activity in Synthonia.

You may buy every product within the Synthonia platform and pay it in SynthCoins as an alternative to real currency (Euros). In addition to buying them, you can gain SynthCoins with your activity on Synthonia (i.e. publishing videos, writing articles for our blog, selling sound packages on the platform and so on).

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Earn other 1 SynthCoin for each friend who joins the community!

Register FREE and get 5 SynthCoins BONUS!
Earn other 1 SynthCoin for each friend who joins the community!

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