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SSX200 - SYNTHOLOGIA EXi V2 - Korg Kronos Series

Sales Price: 378 €
Discounted Price: 199,00 €
This brand new product is a complete and definitive solution for every keyboardist since it includes 4 SSX libraries with important improvements: all the sounds have greater incisiveness and spatiality. This bundle offers over 700 new sounds!
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This brand new product is a complete and definitive solution for every keyboardist since it includes 4 SSX libraries with important improvements: all the sounds have greater incisiveness and spatiality. This bundle offers over 700 new sounds!

Get carried away by the typically prog sounds of the Wizard Dream EXi: here there are numerous sounds and splits famous for being used by Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). In fact we have recreated the sounds identical to the legendary K2600 and we have added power and realism to the sound thanks to the synthesis engines present on Kronos (HD-1 | EP-1 | CX3 | AL1 | MOD7 | MS-20EX | PolysixEX STR-1).

Become the king of keyboards with Planet Fusion EXi: here the most transgressive and powerful keyboard sounds and futuristic atmospheres used by Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) have been reproduced. We have improved the famous KEY SOLO by inserting the possibility of being accompanied by PAD with a pre-recorded backing track and inserting various real time controls via SW and knobs that will give you the opportunity to obtain different sound solutions ( different distortion, pick up switch, amp simulation, etc...). In addition, the new "Ascension" patch included as a bonus will immerse you towards new musical horizons with chords ( PAD section ) inspired by the famous intro by Derek sherinian of the homonymous song.

With the Synth Class EXi you will have the opportunity to embrace different sounds ranging from 70's to the present day. In fact, sounds taken directly from the seventies prog of Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, Rush, PFM, the early Dream Theater with Kevin Moore, and Symphony X are included. Among these stands out for beauty the emulation of the Farfisa Compact Duo used to recreate the famous Richard Wright sound with all its faithfully sampled registers and easily activated via switches. Obviously there are synth leads like the one inspired by DW8000 and used by Kevin Moore in famous key solo (Take The Time, Under a Glass Moon). Faithful reproductions of leads inspired by the legendary JD-800 are included in the library.

Vintage Tones is a super library based on a collection of sampled programs and combis taken from legendary JX-10, D50, JD-800. Here you can find the largest variety of stamps; a set of original presets taken from the JD-800 and a lot of the factory preload of the D50. It is a collection that allows you to play the vast majority of songs between the 80s and 90s: the top for every vintage keyboardist.

Synthologia EXi V2 is programmed from scratch so as to give you the ultimate in quality sound experience. "Reach the maximum" with the most powerful library of sounds. Ideated, designed with care on sounds details and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound )

Synthologia EXi V2 = Wizard Dream EXi + Planet Fusion EXi + Synth Class EXi + Vintage Tones = over 1 bank of new combis and over 4 banks of new programs

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Patches List: ( Combi U-E )

Wizard Dream EXi

001: Liquid Lead Rev.olution 
002: New Hammer Lead 
003: New Wah Lead Rev 
004: Keytar I 
005: Keytar II  
006: Keytar III  
007: New Liquid Wah  
008: Steel Lead  
009: Orchestral Continuum 
010: Wizard Piano Atmos Vect  
011: Wizard Lead  
012: Sitar & Violin Lead SW2  
013: Wizard Groove  
014: Prog Organ Groove 
015: Pig Riff I  
016: Pig Riff II  
017: Pig Riff III 
018: Pig Riff IV  
019: Marimba Groove V3 sw1/2 
020: Marimba Groove II  
021: Old Liquid Lead  
022: Noosed Lead 
023: Dream Ensamble  
024: Wizard Str./Piano SW2 
025: Wizard Reg Time 
026: Clav Riff 
027: Sitar & Tablas 
028: Dark Reversed Piano Atmos 
029: Wiz.Reversed Piano 
030: Wizard OMB Split  
031: Continuum Revolution 
032: The Count of Pads  
033: Lap Steel Pad 
034: Acid Piano  
035: Wiz.Perc.Split  
036: Wizard Percussive Solo 
037: Guitar Intro & Lead SW2  
038: Wizard Gothic Choir/Guit 
039: Soft Delay Lead  
040: Harp/Piano Atmos  
041: Wizard Atmos Split 
042: Harp/Piano Atmos II FOOT 
043: Wizard Groove II 
044: Beyond The Pad 
045: Wizard Groove III  
046: Keyboard Madness SW1  
047: Over the Wizard 
048: Pull The Split 
049: Vectorial Piano Orchestra  
050: Dance Split I

Planet Fusion EXi

051: Monster Revolution 
052: Key Solo Revolution 
053: Fuzz Lead Mono V3 
054: Fuzz Lead Poly V3 
055: Vintage Fuzz Lead Mono 
056: Vintage Fuzz Lead Poly 
057: New Wave Filter -Y 
058: Fusion Groove Tones 
059: Motion Flange Pad 
060: Modular Lead I 
061: Progressive CX3 I 
062: Progressive CX3 II 
063: Beta V1 Lead 
064: Beta V2 Lead 
065: Modularium Lead 
066: Modular II 
067: Zero One/w Lead 
068: Monster King SW2 
069: Planet Groove V3 
070: Metal Animal 
071: Apocalsynth V3 
072: Lost Groove 
073: Rhodes Sitar Split 
074: Atmos Organ 
075: Wave Filter V3 
076: Rhodes Organ Split 
077: Universe V3 
078: Alien X Atmos 
079: X Fusion Brasses SW1 
080: Sea of Pads SW2 

Synth Class EXi

081: Zeta ONE Lead 
082: Zeta ONE Lead II 
083: New Synchronia 
084: New Synchronia II 
085: New Jd Groove 
086: Organ Maniac 
087: Colour Moog 
088: Psycho Rhodes 
089: Moog Reso Port LFO 
090: Inside Out Lead 
091: Unison PWM 
092: Analog Octave Moog SW2 
093: Moog I 
094: Wailing the Lead 
095: Pwm DW8 Lead 
096: JD Crunch 75 Poly 
097: Mooger I 
098: Welcome to The Lead 
099: JD Crunch Mono 
100: Scream Lead -Y 
101: Troy Horse Lead 
102: DW8m Basslead 
103: Take The Pad 
104: DX Jens Lea
105: Sourrounded Split I 
106: Sourrounded Split II 
107: Vintage Impressions
108: Vintage Cabinet Moog
109: Mellotron Play/Mute 4 
110: JD-Piano Atmos SW2 
111: Farfisa CD Play/Mute 9
112: Antarctic World 
113: Big Strings SW2 
114: Bells Stack Atmos/dlySW2
115: Omnium Lead SW1/2 
116: New Jd Groove II SW1 
117: Metropolis 
118: More Soft Lead 
119: Metro Stack Atmos 
120: Metro Stack V3 Combi 
121: DV8m Unison Square Combi 
122: The Master Rhodes SW 1/2Combi 
123: Delayed Atmospheres Combi 
124: A Sirious Split 
125: Electric Korea Lead 
126: Atmos Moog 
127: EL-Pad 
128: TarkuSplit Groove



001: The AtmoSpheres 
002: Power Analog Pad 
003: Once in a Dream 
004: Dream of Leads
005: Ascension Key Solo


Vintage Tones

Patches List ( Program U-G )

Acoustic 90's Piano
Electric Keys
Perc. Phase Clavinet
Percussive Bells Stack
Hybrid Strings
Analog Synth Brass
Analog Reso Sweeper
Killer Pad
Massive Pad
Pulse Pad
Deep Breath Pad
Jupiter 8 Lead
Velo Crunch I
Velo Crunch II
Jd8 Groove
Dream Motion
Met Harp
Jazz Duo
Arco Session
Horn Session
D50 V
Dig Native
Flute Piano 
DUb Strings
Harp Stab
Nylon Atmo
Synth El
JX Saw Lead
JX Saw Raw Lead
JX Square Raw Lead
JX Square Chorus Lead
JX Pulse Raw Lead
JX Pulse Chorus Lead
JX Noise Raw
JX Noise Chorus
JX Saw Chorus Pad
JX Saw Raw Pad
JX Square Raw Pad
JX Square Chorus Pad
JX Pulse Raw Pad
JX Pulse Chorus Pad



PROG ( U-EE / U-GG )

( U-EE )
Spain 1
Holdsworth 1
Easy Lead
Metheny 3
Korea Rev Lead
Korea Rev Lead 2
Come into my E.Piano
Come into my E.Piano 2
Are You Going 1
Pad Layer 1
Dirty Lead
Dirty Synth Korg TV
Dirty Synth 2 Korg TV
Dirty Synth 3 Korg TV
Dirty EP
Dirty Synth 3 Korg TV:50
German Dark Grand Layer
Russian Winter Layer 1

( U-GG )
Metheny 1
Metheny 1 REV
Harmonica Are You Going
Les Fourmis Harmonica
Dirty Brasses
Strings Layer 1
Dirty Mello Korg TV


000: Dirty Pad
001: Dirty Piano 1


Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for