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SSX002 - Planet Fusion EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 30 presets )

Sales Price: 89 €
Discounted Price: 69,00 €
The pack includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of keyboardist Derek Sherinian, famous as former Dream Theater member, and starter of a new keyboard sound often winking to fusion style textures... 30 new complex sounds!
Added by Synthsound

SSX002 - Planet Fusion EXi - Korg Kronos Series ( 30 presets ) - Details

This new collection is a real revolution. All the sounds of previous editions have been completely revisited from scratch so as to give you the ultimate in quality sound experience. Planet Fusion EXi features powerful lead tones, aggressive organs, complex split patches that allow you to fill the sound scene,fast synths and famous lead sounds that wink both to Derek Sherinian ( ex - Dream Theater ) and modern fusion textures. This edition features reloaded real time controls, drum tracks, foot pedal controls, switches, pad sections as well as the new EXi Engines ( AL-1, MOD-7, MS-20ex, PolysixEX, STR-1, CX3 ) and various samples. Become protagonist on stage with these new complex sounds. Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).





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Patches List: Combi U - G / Program U - FF   U - GG
001: Monster Revolution
002: Key Solo Revolution
003: Fuzz Lead Mono V3
004: Fuzz Lead Poly V3
005: Vintage Fuzz Lead Mono
006: Vintage Fuzz Lead Poly
007: New Wave Filter -Y
008: Fusion Groove Tones
009: Motion Flange Pad
010: Modular Lead I
011: Progressive CX3 I
012: Progressive CX3 II
013: Beta V1 Lead
014: Beta V2 Lead
015: Modularium Lead
016: Modular II
017: Zero One/w Lead
018: Monster King SW2
019: Planet Groove V3
020: Metal Animal
021: Apocalsynth V3
022: Lost Groove
023: Rhodes Sitar Split
024: Atmos Organ
025: Wave Filter V3
026: Rhodes Organ Split
027: Universe V3
028: Alien X Atmos
029: X Fusion Brasses SW1
030: Sea of Pads SW2


U-A001- Monster Revolution
The Legendary Monster sound insipired by the textures of Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Planet X).
SW1 Adds Acid Layer (taken from the legendary MOSS synthesis)
SW2 Adds Cross Long Delay

U-A002- Key Solo Revolution
The Fabulous Key Solo
First octave (for 61 keys) is the Bass Section
High Velocity adds CX3 DS Layer and SFX
Knob 8 Adds Damper , so you can play the whole section without pedalSW2 Adds Cross Lond Delay and a little more reverber.
On the Pad Section, pressing from the Touchscreen "1" adds a Sequence inspired by the middle part of "A Day of Sun.
N.B.: It has been sampled from the original Mute Guitar ( Korg Trinity) .

U-A005- Vintage Fuzz Lead Mono
SW1 enables "Vox Wah" synchro with Foot Pedal
SW2 adds cabinet simulation

U-A006- Vintage Fuzz Lead Poly
Same as the previous patch, but with Guitar poliphonic way.

U-A007- New Wave Filter - Y
It is a filter sound inspired by the sound used both in FII recording and live (see Scarred, Trial of Tears)
-Y Adds Octave Strings Layer

U-A008- Fusion Groove Tones
It's a split of Heavy Riff 5th insipired from the Clavia ones used in DS recordings and Cx3 Hammond with modified cabinet.
You may have the possibility of going to change Tones (Bass, Mid, High) with Knob 6, Knob 7, Knob 8, respectively. Very
useful and powerful.

U-A009- Motion Flange Pad
It's inspired by the pad used to play live Learning to Live .
It features for fun a drum track, but you can deactivate it from the button.

U- A010- Modular Lead
It's a Lead with square used for some solo tracks.

U-A011/12- CX3 ProgressiveI/ II
The progressive Monster Hammonds.

U A013 / A014 Beta V1/ V2 Lead
They are Beta versions of an idea of lead insipired by Moonbabes recordings.

U-A015- Modularium Lead
Modular lead with a light fuzz Square Lead tone. A variation of "modular Lead"

U-A016- Modular II Lead
Another variation of the same lead.

U-A017- Zero One/w Lead
Inspired by ACOS final solo lead insipired by korg 01/w.
SW2 Adds Brightness

U-A018- Monster King SW2
Inspired by King of the universe Riff
SW2 adds bright plucked strings sound.

U-A019- Planet Groove V3
Inspired by Universe sound
SW2 Adds CX3 Monster Hammond
It was added for fun a Drum track but you can deactivate it by pressing the button "drum track".

U-A020- Metal Animal
It's a split of both dist muted guitar and atmos pad/ep piano inspired by that track.
I added for fun a drum track, but you can deactivate it.

U-A021- Apocalsynth V3
Based from Apocalypse 1470 b.c. intro sound.
SW2 adds CX3 Monster Hammond

U-A022- Lost Groove
Inspired by Lost Island intro
Last octave is twistle layer ; it can played it from Touchscreen PAD section (1-8), too.

U-A023- Rhodes Sitar Split
A simple split of Rhodes with light analog pad and Sitar layer on the right section of the keyboard.

U-A024- Atmos Organ
Inspired by ACOS Ep Live (Elton John Cover)

U-A025- Wave Filter V3
Split of CX3 hammond and Wave filter.
SW1 octave up on CX3

U-A026- Rhodes organ Split
A simple rhodes with light pad but with SW2 that adds the organ layer. Very useful.

U-A027- Universe V3
Inspired by "2116" includes arps.
Sw2 Adds CX3 Monster Hammond

U-A028- Alien X Atmos
Inspired from Motion pad sounds from Moonbabes. (with arp)

U-A029- X Fusion Brasses SW1
Inspired by Moonbabes Synth Brass sound.
SW1 Adds Acid Layer (taken from the legendary MOSS synthesis)

U-A030- Sea od Pads SW2
Inspired by "Sea of Antiquity" intro sound.
SW2 adds "The Piano"
Foot Pedal adds a great cx3 bright rotary speaker. Very useful.

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SKL012 - Future Soundtrack & Cinematic - Nord Lead 4 / Rack (25 presets) Video Preview
SKL012 - Future Soundtrack & Cinematic - Nord Lead 4 / Rack (25 presets) Video Preview
SKL012 - Future Soundtrack & Cinematic - Nord Lead 4 / Rack (25 presets) Video Preview