Attention: Sound Designers, Producers and Electronic Musicians!

We're excited to introduce the Synthonia Digital Sound Marketplace.
A platform to sell your sounds to thousands of electronic music makers and sound addicts worldwide.

Why sell on Synthonia?
And how do it is possible?

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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

You've spent countless hours destroying your eardrums to create THAT sound.
Reward yourself with more money in your pocket.
Keep 66% of each sale (or higher depending on your sales volume).
We do not charge any monthly fees or per-listing fees.

Powerful distribution platform

Powerful Distribution Platform

More than just a webshop, Synthonia is a platform to get your sounds in the hands of producers and musicians worldwide.
We do the promotion so you can focus on creating.

Secure instant delivery

Secure instant delivery

Your files are safe with us. We'll make sure they get delivered instantly to your customers.

No exclusivity restrictions

No exclusivity restrictions

We don't have exclusivity contracts.
You're free to sell with us, on your own website or elsewhere, so why not give us a chance to promote your products?

Easy listing management

Easy listing management

Set your own prices and manage the way your listings look. We've made it easy for you to customize your listings to your liking.

Ticket Support System

Ticket support system

Resolve customer issues with ticket support system provided to you free of charge.

Sales tracking and more

Sales tracking and more

Keep track of all your sales and see how your products are performing with at-a-glance analytics

Q. SynhtCoins? What is this?

A. SynthCoins are a virtual currency used in the Synthonia platform.

Q. What are SynthCoins used for?

A. They may be used to buy products within the platform, and also to accumulate credits with your activity in Synthonia.

Q. Is it possible to buy products using SyntCoins?

A. Yes, you may buy any product within the Synthonia platform and pay it in SynthCoins as an alternative to real currency (Euros). You may gain SCs you need in several ways.

Q. How can I get SynthCoins?

A. You can gain SynthCoins with your activity on Synthonia (i.e. publishing videos, writing articles for our blog, selling sound packages on the platform and so on).

Q. May I gain SynthCoins without working for Synthonia?

A. Yes, for every purchase in Euros placed on Synthonia you will get a chargeback of 5% in SynthCoins