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SynthCoins (points)

Q. SynhtCoins? What is this?

A. SynthCoins are a virtual currency used in the Synthonia platform.

Q. What are SynthCoins used for?

A. They may be used to buy products within the platform, and also to accumulate credits with your activity in Synthonia

Q. Is it possible to buy products using SyntCoins?

A. Yes, you may buy any product within the Synthonia platform and pay it in SynthCoins as an alternative to real currency (Euros). You may gain SCs you need in several ways.

Q. How can I get SynthCoins?

A. You can gain SynthCoins with your activity on Synthonia (i.e. publishing videos, writing articles for our blog, selling sound packages on the platform and so on).

Q. May I gain SynthCoins without working for Synthonia?

A. Yes, for every purchase in Euros placed on Synthonia you will get a chargeback of 5% in SynthCoins

Q. May I transform my SynthCoins credit in real currency (Euro)?

A. No, this is currently not possible