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SSX005 - Vintage Tones V.1 + DX Monster - Korg Kronos Series

Sales Price: 129 €
Discounted Price: 89,00 €
Vintage Tones is a super library based on a collection of sampled programs and combis taken from legendary DX7, JX-10, D50, JD-800... Here you find the top for a vintage keyboardist... Over 14 banks of new sounds !!!
Added by Synthsound


Vintage Tones is a super library based on a collection of sampled programs and combis taken from legendary DX7, JX-10, D50, JD-800 and the brand new Prophet Emulation... Here you can find the largest variety of stamps; we have the most famous sound collection of the DX7, a set of original presets taken from the JD800 and the factory preload of the D50. In addition, there are programs based on JX10 waveforms and a set of factory preload of the legendary Prophet. It is a collection that allows you to play the vast majority of songs between the 80s and 90s: the top for every vintage keyboardist. Over 5 banks of new sounds !!! Ideated, designed from scratch with care on sounds details and performed by Alex Di Donna ( SynthSound ).





Patches List:

~ Virtual JD Vol.1 ~

Acoustic 90’s Piano
Electric Keys
Perc. Phase Clavinet
Percussive Bells Stack
Hybrid Strings
Analog Synth Brass
Analog Reso Sweeper
Killer Pad
Massive Pad
Pulse Pad
Deep Breath Pad
Jupiter 8 Lead
Velo Crunch I
Velo Crunch II
Dream Motion

~ Virtual D-50 Vol.1 ~ 

Met Harp
Jazz Duo
Arco Session
Horn Session
D50 V
Dig Native
Bass Marim
Flute Piano
Dub Strings
Harp Stab
Nylon Atmo
Synth El
Breath Chiff

~ Virtual JX-10 Vol.1 ~  

JX Saw Lead
JX Saw Raw Lead
JX Square Raw Lead
JX Square Chorus Lead
JX Pulse Raw Lead
JX Pulse Chorus Lead
JX Noise Raw
JX Noise Chorus
JX Saw Chorus Pad
JX Saw Raw Pad
JX Square Raw Pad
JX Square Chorus Pad
JX Pulse Raw Pad
JX Pulse Chorus Pad

~ Virtual Prophet ~ 

Knarly Fat
Knarly Velo. Sweep
Mod Velocity II
Porky Velo. Sweep
Prophetic Strings
Classic Saw Velo. Sweep
Bad Velo. Sweep
Luckiest Lead
Pro Square V2
ProFarm Lead
Fizzy Pad
Fizzy Velo. Sweep Pad
Knarly Velo. Lead
Thick Pad
Classic Sync
Classic Sync Poly
Derek JP8 Analogue
Light JP8 Synth Brass
Lost Island HD
Stereo Sync Saws
Jupiter Killing Lead


The AtmoSpheres 
Power Analog Pad 
Once in a Dream 
Dream of Leads

+ 9 Whole Banks of FM Sounds taken by the DX7 Monster Library

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