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Products tagged as : Roland

Best pianos for Roland D-50, drums and bass, synth sounds and more...64 new sounds!

This collection contains a selection of lead sounds for your Fantom inspired by Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian, Kevin Moore and many others...23 new sounds!

Famous Sounds Cover Pack features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Europe, Toto, Michael Jackson, Queen and many other artists of the 80's and 90's... 32 new patches!

This collection provides several sounds inspired to three of the most famous vintage analog synthesizers from Roland deeply programmed for Korg M3... 24 new patches!

From acoustic to electric piano, from pads to leads: 48 new sounds !!!

From acoustic to electric piano, from pads to leads: 48 new sounds!!!

Finally bundled the 2 sounds banks for Roland V-Synth! Pads, leads, arpeggiators, brass, organs, strings, leads and all you need to best express your creativity... 46 new sounds!

Finally available for Roland Jd-Xa a great bundle pack: T9t9 Tribute Library + Synthwave Library V.1...64 new sounds!

T9t9 Tribute Library is a collection of patches made for the Roland JD-XA and dedicated to one of the greatest rock band of all time... 16 new sounds!

This collection contains most of the lead sounds in the history of Dream Theater. All this is now available for your Jupiter-50... 40 new sounds!

This library contains 15 new fantastic sounds for Roland Juno Ds including Acoustic, Electric and Digital Pianos...

Finally available a great bundle for Roland Jd-Xa: Super Jd + Synthwave Kit Vol.1... 96 new sounds!

A collection of 48 timbres for Roland JD-XA inspired to the Synthwave/Retrowave genre...

The excellence of packages, the most complete keyboard player collection in an "all in one" product... 3 products in 1!

Awesome collection of famous sounds inspired by the genius of Michael Pinella, Symphony X keyboard player!

A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Toto and 3 bonus sounds useful to cover Queen songs for the Roland Jupiter-50... 13 new patches

A collection of sounds for the Roland Jupiter 80 inspired by some famous songs by Toto + bonus sounds...48 new sounds.