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LDX139 - K-Wizard - Kurzweil K2600 / K2500 / K2661

Sales Price: 69 €
Discounted Price: 49,00 €
K- Wizard is a Bundle Pack that includes patches and splits inspired by the textures of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist in the band Dream Theater. Featuring many patches: leads, pads, organs, strings, splits, piano, guitars, synths, percussions, complete Songs Set-list... over 200 new sounds
Added by Leadsounds


Leadsounds is proud to announce the release of the new K-WIZARD exclusively for the Kurzweil K2x00 Series.
This library is now available for download on Synthonia's website and it is inspired by progressive sounds used by Prog Metal bands.

It features both programs and setups with impressive splits. 
This extensive sound collection has been developed with care to details: over 66 new sounds ( 13 setups and 53 programs ) entirely programmed by Leadsounds for the K2x00 Series

Enjoy this creative world of new sounds...



Patches List:

Honor father
Solitary moog
synth piano
JR Steelatmos
JR Inst Grv
Pull guitar stng
Erotomania org
Stringed lead
Panic DT I

Saw I
Saw II
Stack lead
Stack lead II
Omni Lead
Liquid t wah
take organ 000
Pig JR Stack
Filt resonance
METRO percu
Sine lead
Marimba groove
Pwm lead
under dist
Lead image
perc orgn
fast strings
wammeron synth
Hammeron synth
wha wave
solitr lead
pedal steeel
Modular stream
trumpet section
Dv8 Lead
JR Stack II
Synth pizz2
IAW Soft Synth
Disappear piano
Home groove riff
Never Intro
Monster Planet
Pinnella X Lead
Mono triple lead
Sacrifice JR LD
Debate SDOIT
lead gtr
Modular wha
Legado first str
Falling noise
SDOIT square
Sitar 2G
Take the intro
Home JR Pig Riff
honor lead
drive organ
dist hammond


Collection of entire cover songs: Jordan Rudess, R&M project, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment. Featuring many patches: leads, pads, organs, strings, splits, piano, guitars, synths, percussions... complete Patches / Songs featured in:

- Crossing Over full (R&M p.)
- Over the edge (R&M p.)
- Dont look down (R&M p.)
- Overture 1928 full (D.T.)
- Strange Dejavu (D.T.)
- Fatal Tragedy (D.T.)
- Dance of Eternity (D.T.)
- Paradigm Shift (L.T.E.1)
- Universal Mind (L.T.E.1)
- Another Dimension (L.T.E.2)
- When the Water Breaks (L.T.E.2)
- Erotomania
- Home
- Just let me Breath
- Pull me Under
- Solitary Shell V2
- Stream Of counsciousness
- Take The Time
- Under a glass moon
- Dance of eternity

Note: Backing tracks in the videos are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the sound pack.

Kurzweil ® is a registered trademark of Young Chang Co., Ltd. which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for