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LDX05 - Monster Pack - Korg MicroX / X50

Sales Price: 149 €
Discounted Price: 99,00 €
The excellence of packages, the most complete keyboard player collection in an "all in one" product. 7 products in 1 ! More than a whole bank of new sounds !


This collection is the most complete product we can offer in terms of quality and quantity of sounds. It features all the 7 collections made for MICRO X / X50.



Nightwish Cover Collection
4live Pack
Piano Pack
Elements Pack
Covers Pack**
Dream Covers
Ultimate Leads MKIII* 
Ultimate Leads

Patched with care on sound details and from scratch. A very professional product designed by Mauro Pacella for Leadsounds.

* patched by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).

** patched by Mark Basile ( lead singer of DGM and B.R.A.K.E. ) for Leadsounds.



Patches List:
Nemo Piano
Moondance Piano
Everdream Piano
Opera Organ
Beauty Strings
Stargazers Strings
Kinlayer Strings
Far Away Strings
Cover Me Bells
Bless The Child Split
She is my Sin Bells
Choir Pad
Nw Harpsichord
Nw Orchestra Hit
Sacrament + Crownless Lead
Dynamic Full Orchestra
Hit Strings Multi


Patches List:
Reversed Piano
Dark Piano
Piano Strings
Harpsichord Strings
Church Organ
Solo Lead Strings
Solo Lead & Guitar
Continuum Strings
Dynamic Riff Lead
Octave Strings
Camera Pad
Voice Pad
Guitar Chords
(Multi) 80´s Synth Bell


Patches List:
Cover Key Collection
Acoustic Piano Sw1/Sw2
Attack Piano Sw1/Sw2
Brightest Piano Sw1/Sw2
Haunting Piano
Kurzweil Piano Sw1/Sw2
Rhodes Piano Modwheel
Rock Organ Sw1
Steinway Piano Sw1/Sw2
Wah Organ Modwheel
90´s Piano
Forsaken Piano Intro
Jen´s Harpsichord


Patches List:
Anthem Of The World (Strings)
Black Diamond (Harspichord)
Destiny (Choir + Orchestral)
Eagleheart (Lead) 
Holy Light (Lead + Harpsichord) 
Learning To Fly (Lead) 
Million Light Years Away (Lead) 
S.O.S (Synth Harpsi + Choir)

I Walk To My Own Song (Lead) 
Jen´s Lead (Lead) 
Maniac Dance (Lead)


Patches List:
Mark Piano
Mark E.Piano
Funk Clavi
C069 Maroon Bass

Piano + Str
E. piano + Pad
Lady Marmalade
Cosmic Girl
Deeper Undergorund
This Love M5


Patches List:
Rudess Lead
Solitary Shell Lead
Wah Lead
6:00 Lead
Wah Pig Riff 
Pull me Under Lead
Another Day Piano
Forsaken Piano
The Spirit Carries On Piano 
Erotomania Organ
Learning To Live Intro
Surrounded Intro 
Metropolis Intro
Take The Time Intro
Octavarium Pad
Octavarium Continuum

Ultimate Leads MKIII contains a very large collection of "prog metal leads and sounds", inspired by the greatest keyboard players: Jordan RudessDerek SherinianKevin MooreMichael PinnellaJens Johansson and so on... This is the best leads collection ever made on Korg X50

Patches List:
Liquid Lead 
Liquid Wah 
New Wah lead 
Pig Groove 
Vintage Analog 
Modern Analog 
Monster Lead 
Planet MonsterV3 
Key Solo 
Hammy Clone 
Fuzz Lead 
Fuzz Poly 
New Wailing <+3> 
DX7 Power Lead 
VeloWha Lead 
Dw8m Lead V3 
More Soft Lead 
Continuum Pad 
Fuzz Poly V3 
Fuzz Mono V3 
Organ Groove 
Wave Filter 
Universe Arp 
Falling Pad 
Planet Groove 
Modular lead 
Planet Monster 
Hammy Clone II 
DW8m Basslead 
Dw8m Saw Lead 
Dw8m Square Lead 
Liquid Wha V3 
Dw8m PWM Lead 
Wizard Sitar 
Wiza-RA Lead 
Wizard Lead 
Shine Lead 
Continuum PadsV3 
Wizard Groove 
Monster Drive 
Dream Seashore 
Steel Lead 
Steel Lead V3 
Strings Riff 
FM Piano Riff 
Planet Seashore 
DW8m Lead 
DW8m LeadII 
Alien X Atmos 
Monster King 
Planet Groove V3

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for