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Monday, 09 August 2021 02:00

Kurzweil K2700 Vs K2600

After 25 years, the release of the K2700 for many musicians means the return of one of the greatest
Workstations of the 90s. The Kurzweil K2600. Unique and innovative of its kind for the power and the
infinite possibilities of sound and programming. Suffice it to say that in 1996 a computer had a maximum of
32mb Ram, the K2600 instead had the possibility of expanding up to 128mb of Ram.

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Sunday, 07 March 2021 00:00

Kurzweil Pc4 7

▬▬▬ Download Link ▬▬▬▬


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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 00:00

Kurzweil Forte 7 + Nord Stage 2 ex

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Monday, 08 June 2015 17:17

Kurzweil Forte Vs Roland Rd800

Kurzweil Forte Vs Nord Piano Rd800 - Piano Comparison ( Synthonia - Performer )

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Monday, 08 June 2015 17:13

Kurzweil Forte Vs Nord Stage 2

Kurzweil Forte vs Clavia Nord Stage 2 - Piano Comparison ( Synthonia - Performer )

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Sunday, 08 March 2015 14:22

Kurzweil Artis SE demo by Paolo Costa

Paolo Costa, dimostratore ufficiale Kurzweil, ci illustra le caratteristiche del nuovo stage piano Artis SE.

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Kurzweil Forte stage piano jamming by S4K ( Synthonia - Performer )

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"Ascending" Super Saw
(1). Select the Default Program 999 and press EDIT button.
(2). Open ALG page and select algorithm 5.
(3). Open the AMPENV page and switch to USER, otherwise you would use the piano's envelope.
(4). Open DSPMOD page and assign a negative value to Saw Pch and then assign the same value in cents, but positive, as Src1 Depth. Select ENV2 as Src1. For example: Saw Pch: -7ST / Src1: ENV2 / Depth: +700ct.
(5). In the ENV2 page, assign to Att1 the value you need.


Noise + filters
(1). Select Default Program 999 and press EDIT button.
(2). Open the KEYMAP page and select Noise as PlayBackMode, so White Noise will be reproduced.
(3). Switch the parameter in AMPENV page form NORMAL to USER.
(4). Select the algorithm 6 in ALG page; select 2POLE HIPASS in the first block and 2POLE LOWPASS in the second.
(5). Open DSPMOD page and choose the right frequencies for the hipass; select the lowpass and assign the maximum value to LP Freq, then go to the right side and set Src1: ENV2 / Depth: 10800ct
(6). Open the ENV2 page and set Att1 and Dec1 to -100%, then adjust the Att1 time and add some LP resonance to make the filter self oscillate

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