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Thursday, 18 June 2015 02:18

Moog Little / Slim Phatty Monster Pack

Programmed by Marand

The new Moog Little Phatty and Slim Phatty synthesizer MONSTER PACK V2 is a great collection of classic analog sounds inspired to the repertoire of the progressive music with particular attention to the New York band Dream Theater. The pack also contain classic effect patches like Wind, Sample&Hold, Fm, Noise, Ring Modulation: powerful patches ready to use for the progressive keyboard player on the road.

List of the patches:

No. Name Description
00 Octavarium Lead sound from Octavarium (Dream Theater)
01 Never Enough Intro sound from Never Enough (Dream Theater)
02 Wind Modwheel Atmospheric effect sound (mod wheel up)
03 Filter S&H Sample&Hold (mod wheel up) - use the LFO pot to move the sound
04 Osc 1&2 S&H Sample&Hold with oscillators pitch (mod wheel up)
05 Pull Me Under Pull Me Under (Dream Theater) lead sound (vibrato on mod wheel)
06 Square Lead Detuned square lead - from Systematic Chaos (Dream Theater)
07 Saw Lead Classic saw unison lead - from Take The Time (Dream Theater)
08 Wah lead Use the mod wheel for the wah-wah effect
09 Squirrel Filter sweep reminds of little animals
10 Double Bass Acoustic Bass pizzicato sound
11 Sync lead Lead with synced oscillators
12 Pluck Bass Powerful bass sound: use the mod wheel to open the filter
15 Voice Analog voice sound with vibrato on mod wheel
16 Fisarmonica Accordion sound
18 Pipe Organ Pipe organ sound, excellent with a hall reverb
19 Positif Organ Pipe organ sound, quite register, excellent with a hall reverb
20 Pipe Organ Pedal Pipe organ sound, pedalboard
21 Water Breaks Bass sound (w/ mod wheel up) from When The Water Breaks (LTE)
22 5th Bass Classic bass sound with oscillators in fifth
23 Bass Filter Filter sweep - from the intro of Systematic Chaos (Dream Theater)
24 FM Bells Classic FM bell sound (mod wheel up)
25 Solitary Shell Solitary Shell (Dream Theater) lead sound
26 Moogish Cat Classic Moog lead sound – mod wheel up for wave modulation
27 Snarling Pig J. Rudess “Snarling Pig” sound for filling guitar riffs (mod wheel up)
28 Slow Envelope Mystic sound with a slow envelope filter
29 Dark Bass Dark bass sound for aliens songs
30 Bass Dulcian Bass sound inspired to renaissance low reed instruments
31 Metrop%Klavi Klav sound from Metropolis Pt.1 (Dream Theater)
32 Snare Drum Snare drum percussive sound – modwheel up
33 Bass Drum Bass drum percussive sound – modwheel up
34 Resoshape MOD Filling bass sound – from Endless Sacrifice (Dream Theater)
35 Eagle Call Eagle call sound – best with a hall reverb
36 Birds Birds callings sound – best with a reverb
37 Sine Lead Sine lead sound from filter resonance
38 Rezbo Funny bass sound
39 Harpsichord Harpsichord sound, best with a bit of reverb
40 Electric Piano Electric piano sound, best with a bit of modulation effetcs
41 Violin Violins sound – control vibrato with modwheel and glide
42 5th Lead Lead with oscillators in fifth
43 Punchy Bass Punchy bass sound, add a dit of delay
44 Fat Bass Very fat and dirty bass sound
45 Talking Moog Talking effect (reminds the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons)
46 Halloween Lead Halloween inspired lead sound, reminds of Theremin sound
47 Bass Guitar Powerful Bass guitar finger sound
48 Beneath Surface Lead from Beneath The Surface (Dream Theater)
49 Lucky Man Lead from Lucky Man (Emerson Lake & Palmer)
50 Hoedown Intro siren sound from Hoedown (Emerson Lake & Palmer)
51 Bass Bowed Double bass bow sound
52 Oboe Oboe sound – control vibrato with modwheel
53 Trumpet Trumpet sound – control vibrato with modwheel
54 Tuba Tuba sound
55 Xylophone Xylophone sound – add reverb or delay effect
56 Trilogy Lead sound from Trilogy (Emerson Lake & Palmer)
57 Hammond Hammond sound – use modwheel for the Leslie effect
58 Heartbeat Heartbeat effect – pick a low note, add reverb
59 Thunder wMOD Thunder effect – add a hall reverb for a realistic storm
60 The Moog Sound “The Moog Sound” from the Minimoog Sound Charts
61 Moon Chord “Moon Chord” from the Minimoog Sound Charts
62 Ring Modulator “Ring Modulator” from the Minimoog Sound Charts
63 Tom Sawyer Bass Intro bass from Tom Sawyer (Rush) – add chorus effect
64 Tom Sawyer Lead Lead from Tom Sawyer (Rush

Published in Programmer
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 07:46

Moog Sub 37 synth Jamming

Moog Sub 37 synth Jamming

Published in Performer
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 00:00

Animoog custom library

A custom library of presets made for Animoog. No expansion packs needed. 40 amazing timbres (PADS, LEADS, BASSES, PLUCKS). Listen to the demo song: it has been created using only Animoog with my custom sounds, Cubasis and StepPolyArp without any midi controller. To load the sounds, connect the iPad to the PC or MAC, open iTunes, navigate to the App tab, select Animoog and drag and drops files inside the area related to file sharing. With the library is supplied also the Cubasis project.

Published in Programmer