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Synth Patches Video Demo Lessons Forum Community - Synthonia by SynthCloud
Thursday, 30 April 2020 00:00

TAL-MOD Review + Tutorial

Synthesizer plugins are a powerful tool for any home studio. If you want full customization of your patches, the MOD plugin by Togu Audio Line (TAL) is a wonderful option.

In this plugin review, we go over the features and presets of the TAL MOD as well as talk about how modular synthesis works. The TAL MOD is the perfect plugin for anyone who wants full control of their patches or who is looking for tons of great sounding presets.

You can read more about VST plugins - https://consordini.com/what-are-vst-plugins-guide/

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Sunday, 26 April 2020 00:00

TAL-BassLine-101 Review + Tutorial

Plugin emulations are a fantastic way to get vintage sound without vintage gear. The TAL Bassline 101 is a fantastic emulation of the vintage Roland SH 101 analog synthesizer. 

With its amazing lineup of features, and bevy of quality presets, the TAL Bassline 101 is a great addition to any plugin library. 

More best vst plugins can be checked here - https://consordini.com/best-vst-plugins/

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Have you ever wanted to get more into synthesizer plugins, but aren’t sure where to start? The FREE TAL Noisemaker is a great place to begin your journey into sound synthesis. In this plugin review we talk about the features that come with the TAL Noisemaker, why synthesizer plugins are great for beginners, as well as cover some sample presets that come included with the download. TAL Noisemaker’s simple and straightforward design makes it really approachable for those who are newer to sound synthesis. 
The features of TAL Noisemaker make it easy to get acquainted with and easy to use to get the sound you are looking for. Just because this noise generator vst is free doesn’t mean that it isn’t full of useful tools.
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Tuesday, 14 April 2020 00:00

TAL-DAC Review[Extended Version + Demo]

Thanks for watching our TAL DAC plugin review. Vintage keyboard workstations are highly collectible among musicians and engineers. This means they are rather expensive to pick up used. This is where a quality emulation plugin can come in handy so you can get that same vintage feel without vintage prices. In this plugin review video, we talk about how vintage keyboard workstations store and recall their sounds. We explore how TAL Software has emulated those chip sets to be used in the modern day. We also go over the features that come with the plugin to understand what TAL DAC is doing to the sound. All of this combined makes the TAL DAC an excellent piece of software for those looking to add some lo-fi flair to their tracks. TAL DAC was part of a bigger plugin ecosystem called TAL Sampler (which we have a seperate video review for). TAL then pulled DAC out of Sampler and turned it into its own stand alone plugin. Sampler is an emulation of classic keyboard workstations that were popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. These workstations had wave tables or sets of samples that were taken from other digital and analogue instruments and stored digitally. To play back the sound, the work stations sent the digital information through a DAC, or a Digital to Analogue Conversion chip. Now, one of the most interesting things about these keyboards was that digital audio was not all that advanced yet. Because of this, the workstations didn’t perform optimally 100% of the time, causing each of these DAC chip sets to have some very unique sound characteristics.
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Thanks for watching our TAL Filter 2 review. Filter VST’s are a popular plugin for many musicians, engineers, and producers. Being able to carve out sections of high and low frequencies in a mix really helps get rid of “muddy” sounds in the track. An envelope filter VST can also be used creatively to add unexpected flair to your song or mix. The TAL Filter 2 is a fantastic FREE plugin that allows you to do both of these things with ease. The robust feature set of TAL Filter 2 is straightforward and easy to use while still providing a wide array of flexibility and customization. The feature of this free filter VST include: - Create host / beat synced modulations. - Easy to use graphical editor (double click deletes points, a click adds one). - 4x oversampled TAL-NoiseMaker filters. - Different filter types: LP 24 dB, LP 18dB, LP 12dB, LP 6dB, HP 12 dB, BP 12dB, N 12 dB. - It's possible to saturate / distort the input signal by raising the input volume (only for filters). - Panorama modulation. - Volume modulation. - Different modulation tempo (x1, x2, .. x32). - Depth control as a simple way to control the modulation intensity. - Free as always. TAL Filter 2 allows custom drawn envelopes with full control and customization. It really allows you to create your own unique sound. This is an exclusive feature not often found on other envelope filter plugins.

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Thursday, 09 April 2020 15:32

TAL-Sampler Review with Tutorial

Great, we can start with TAL-Sampler  

First of all, what is a synthesizer?
When you pluck a guitar string, it vibrates, and those oscillations travel through the air to the eardrum. Synthesizers mimic this process through its electrical components. Voltage-controlled oscillators produce a waveform which is then manipulated by the synth's controls like the LFO or Envelope Generator to change pitch, tone and timbre. The sound is amplified and sent through a speaker.
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