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Stranger Things and Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice performed on Arturia Collection V8

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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 15:55

Arturia V- Collection - ARP 2600V (the theory)

Arturia V- Collection - ARP 2600 V (the theory)

The ARP 2600V is the second “giant monster” made by Arturia, which recreates the feeling of the glorious ARP 2600 “semi modular” synthesizer.


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Arturia V- Collection - Moog Modular V (the theory)

Hi folks and welcome to the first appointment of this series of articles on the Arturia V Collection. The first virtual synth we will talk about is perhaps also the first product launched on the market by Arturia: the Moog Modular V.


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Saturday, 29 August 2015 16:06

Arturia V-COLLECTION - Introduction

Antonio leads us to a journey through the VST V-collection by Arturia. This is the introductory paper.


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