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A complete set of 50 new patches for your Trinity

"This is one of my favourite libraries, maybe because I think Korg Trinity is still the best Korg WS ever made in terms of sound power. This collection is a classic, with almost 100.000 visualizations on Youtube. Always powered by Leadsounds"

Claudio G. "Dladio" Fusillo, sound designer

This collection is a classic always powered by Leadsounds

S4K Complete Trinity Collection by Dladio
( Vintage Collection + Ultimate Leads V3 )

Patches List:

Vintage Collection:
-- Stereo Grand Piano
-- Rhodes
-- Wurlitzer
-- Clavinet
-- Piano & Pads
-- Piano & strings
-- PNL+SLD String
-- Psyco Rhodes
-- Hammy Clone
-- Mellotron
-- Orchestral

Ultimate Leads V3
• Pig Riff
• Jd Groove
• KeySolo
• Continuum Pads
• Analog Stack
• Analog Lead
• Monster Planet
• Monster Lead
• Liquid Lead
• Liquid Wah
• New Wah Lead
• Dw8 Lead
• Soft Dw8 Lead
• Modern Power
• Power Lead
• Velo Wha Lead
• Iron Lead
• Fuzz Lead
• Fuzz Poly
• Wailing lead
• Classic Lead
• Sitar Riff

PINK FLOYD COVER PACK: 10 new patches

Awaked Lead, Awaked Organ, Awaked Bells, Awaked Saw Lead.


Sampled Sounds:

Kurzy piano ( PBS TRI VERSION )

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