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Synth Patches Video Demo Lessons Forum Community - Synthonia by SynthCloud

This new collection includes a selection of Sounds Leads, Evolving Pads , Analog Pad and Texture Sounds programmed to provide space for your creativity .

Patch List

1 Interstellar
2 Delta Machine
3 Evolution
4 Costellation of Andromeda
5 Delayzed
6 Fluid Lead
7 In The Gravity
8 Into The Space
9 Omniverse
10 Omni Saw
11 Parallel Lead
12 Ring Of Jupiter
13 Solar Groove
14 Space Piano
15 Toxic
16 Universe Lead

Published in Programmer
Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

Nord Electro / Stage Custom Library V1

This soundset contains 40 nsmp files for the Nord keyboards compliant with the Nord Sample library (NE3, NE4, Nord Wave, Nord Stage 2, Nord Piano 2). There are  20 amazing PADS, 10 complex and evolving sounds, 10 sounds from famous songs.

 You can load it using the Nord Sample Library. 

Your Nord keyboard won't be the same after trying these sounds. 


Published in Programmer