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Saturday, 29 August 2015 16:06

Arturia V-COLLECTION - Introduction

Antonio leads us to a journey through the VST V-collection by Arturia. This is the introductory paper.


Published in News and Videos

This new collection includes a selection of Sounds Leads, Evolving Pads , Analog Pad and Texture Sounds programmed to provide space for your creativity .

Patch List

1 Interstellar
2 Delta Machine
3 Evolution
4 Costellation of Andromeda
5 Delayzed
6 Fluid Lead
7 In The Gravity
8 Into The Space
9 Omniverse
10 Omni Saw
11 Parallel Lead
12 Ring Of Jupiter
13 Solar Groove
14 Space Piano
15 Toxic
16 Universe Lead

Published in Programmer