Fort Boyard theme (Tribute) on Korg Kronos by ( Synthonia - KeyboardSolo - LeadSounds by S4K )

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Hey there, happy to be back! :)
First of all I would like to wish you very succesful year people! As you might noticed I'm quite out of time for recording new videos... Most of my time I took by a small life change but alright, everything's still fine. I was a quite busy with my bands as well (at the end of 2014 my band WARHAWK finally released new album - some of you might noticed that) and at the moment, SEBASTIEN will release a new album this year - thanks GOD! :D Generally, this upcoming year means for me lots of work to do (I already have some planned projects) and I hope it will be great experience!
Ok people, back to this video...
Today I took one tune from the 90's TV shows, Fort Boyard.
Yeah, I was 1 year old when the French TV launched this competition but when I saw this for the first time, it was amazing for me (something like Knight Rider and MacGyver as well.. :D)
So during holidays I was catched by this soundtrack again and finally took some time to record it. And this is the result ..
I also tried to use the giant potentional of my Kronos to do some orchestral piece.. And I think I did it, almost in 40 layers!
So people, thank you for your support and keep your fort well! ;)
Also my special thanks is coming to my friends from BALLROOM HAMBURG for a cool T-shirt!
See you soon people,
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