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Highway Star Hammond Solo | Nord C2d + Lounsberry Pedals - O

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Highway Star Hammond Solo | Nord C2d + Lounsberry Pedals - O

Postby dtsounds » Wed Oct 06, 2021 1:00 am

The Organ Grinder was the first Lounsberry Pedal designed for keyboards. Developed with the aid of Roger Powell of Utopia and Meat Loaf fame, it provides a fat, tubelike overdrive for clonewheel organs that can cover the gamut of organ sounds from Greg Rollie, to Jon Lord, Uriah Heep, and even Canterbury sounds. It is a gain staged preamp with Germanium diodes. The onset of overdrive is gradual and can be easily controlled with the swell pedal. It adds compression and 2nd order harmonics. With it’s drive and transparency, it works extremely well even with complex chord shapes. Like all…ABOUT GAIN STAGING Discrete preamps provide gain in several stages, so that a lot of what happens to provide the right amounts of drive and compression in a preamp is determined by how many discrete stages are employed, and their levels, determining how the stages interact. Top Reasons to Buy Very natural warm sounding circuit Correct gain staging and compression makes the perfect Organ Overdrive All Discrete components – No ICs or surface mount parts Great for Bass Guitar True Bypass – 9V Battery Included

Performed by Alberto Trullu

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