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TAL-DAC Review[Extended Version + Demo]

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TAL-DAC Review[Extended Version + Demo]

Postby synthonia » Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:00 am

Thanks for watching our TAL DAC plugin review. Vintage keyboard workstations are highly collectible among musicians and engineers. This means they are rather expensive to pick up used. This is where a quality emulation plugin can come in handy so you can get that same vintage feel without vintage prices. In this plugin review video, we talk about how vintage keyboard workstations store and recall their sounds. We explore how TAL Software has emulated those chip sets to be used in the modern day. We also go over the features that come with the plugin to understand what TAL DAC…You can check other great vst plugins here - Back to TAL. TAL DAC is a plugin that allows you to emulate the characteristics of different vintage digital to analogue conversion chips. It also serves as a general catch all distortion and bit crushing unit as well. DAC gives an old school digital type of sound. The engineering and programing that TAL has put into this plugin is just fantastic. The features of the TAL DAC include: - Recording stage with input volume control and soft clipper (adds odd harmonics). - Variable recording sample rate (1000Hz-44100Hz). - Variable recording bit-depth (4bit-16bit) with different algorithms (mu-law, mu-law delta, - linear). - Reconstruction section with different reconstruction methods (hold, variable, linear, S1000/sinc). - Very steep reconstruction filters (optional). - AMP drive (add's even and odd harmonics to the signal). - A high- and low shelf filter (12dB). - All non-linear components are 8x oversampled to avoid aliasing. Special thanks to TAL Software for giving a digital license to their products so we can review them for you all to watch! Thanks TAL! Learn more about TAL DAC and download your own copy here: Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe for new content, reviews, and tutorials. We also have tons of great mixing, mastering and production tutorials on the channel. Click this link for even more studio gear reviews: Be sure to check out our website and join our ever-growing community of music lovers at Or check us out on Facebook - Or visit us on Instagram -

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