Synthonia • TAL-Filter-II Review [Demo + Tutorial Included]

TAL-Filter-II Review [Demo + Tutorial Included]

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TAL-Filter-II Review [Demo + Tutorial Included]

Postby synthonia » Sat Apr 11, 2020 1:00 am

Thanks for watching our TAL Filter 2 review. Filter VST’s are a popular plugin for many musicians, engineers, and producers. Being able to carve out sections of high and low frequencies in a mix really helps get rid of “muddy” sounds in the track. An envelope filter VST can also be used creatively to add unexpected flair to your song or mix. The TAL Filter 2 is a fantastic FREE plugin that allows you to do both of these things with ease. The robust feature set of TAL Filter 2 is straightforward and easy to use while still providing a…TAL Filter 2 is a wonderful creative tool, especially for EDM musicians and DJs. It allows you to draw your own unique envelopes and then automatically syncs with the tempo in your DAW. Then, choose your time factor and filter type. This makes it easy to use and get great sounds right away. With the low price of FREE, there is no reason to not download this nifty little envelope filter plugin and incorporate it into your own mixes. Learn more about TAL Filter 2 and download your own FREE copy here:

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