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ASL001 - Red Giant Library Vol.1 - Nord Electro 5 Series

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
The library explores about 3 decade of synthesis, plus 5 "Superstar Patches" prepared for specific songs: ABBA, ELP, Queen, M. Jackson, S. Wonder... 28 new programs
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Red Giant Library is created for every keyboard player who needs great sound under his fingertips; the library explores about 3 decade of synthesis, plus 5 "Superstar Patches" prepared for specific songs (see list below).

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles" 

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Patches List:
RG The Funk Section
RG 80s SuperPolySaw
RG Analog Hand Arp
RG Be or not B
RG BelIs World
RG BlackFire Flute
RG Call as Maria
RG DancePoly Delay
RG Fernet Organ
RG Funk Revolution
RG Godfather Sicily
RG Gothica PipeChor
RG Heads Hunter
RG Japan Stardust
RG Legend Filter
RG Lunar Rhodes
RG Nostalgia Track
RG Other World Keys
RG Perc Synth
RG Shankar Dreams
RG Sphere Bellish
RG Stevie The Duck
RG SuperPhased Pad
RG Here I Go Again - SUPERSTAR PATCH (Abba)
RG In the Mirror - SUPERSTAR PATCH (M. Jackson)
RG JustOneSolution - SUPERSTAR PATCH (Queen)
RG Ground ClavBrass - SUPERSTAR PATCH (S.Wonder)


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