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STZ035 - Full set "FORSAKEN" - KORG M3 / M50 / Krome / Krome Ex

Sales Price: 14 €
Discounted Price: 7,00 €
A complete set of sounds inspired by Dream Theater "Forsaken" song, you will be able to run the whole song...12 patches.
Added by Leadsounds


This is a classic song by Dream Theater from the album Systematic chaos.


Patches list: (Can be played with the footswitch)

D001: S4K Deep Piano
D002: S4K Lead
D003: S4K Deep Piano
D004: S4K Strings
D005: S4K Lead
D006: S4K Deep Piano
D007: S4K Strings
D008: S4K Low Strings/Piano
D009: S4K Strings
D010: S4K Big Strings
D011: S4K Lead/Strings ( Lead Right Hand, strings Right Hand )
D012: S4K Reverse Piano ( Effect uopn release of Keys )

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