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SCL047 - Morales's Signature Sound Pack - Arturia V Collection 8 ( 40 presets )

Sales Price: 49 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
This signature soundbank by Braulio Morales is completely based on the first album his synthwave/electric music duo The Morales called CAOS released in 2019... 40 new sounds!


This signature soundbank for Arturia V Collection 8 designed by Braulio Morales is completely based on the first album called CAOS released in 2019... 40 new sounds !

The instruments used for this soundbank are:

- Jupiter 8 V.
- Arp 2600.
- PianoV2.
- DX 7 V.
- Emulator II V.
- Pigments.
- Solina V.
- Mini V.
- CS-80V.
- Farfisa V.
- Mellotron V.


Patches List:
01.- About Us... Analog Keys (Jupiter 8 V).
02.- About Us... Bass (ARP 2600 V).
03.- About Us... Piano (Piano V).
04.- CAOS Acoustic Strings (Emulator II V).
05.- CAOS Arppegiated Lead (Pigments).
06.- CAOS Church Organ (Emulator II V).
07.- CAOS Cinematic A. Strings (Solina V).
08.- CAOS Cinematic A. Strings Oct (Solina V).
09.- CAOS Cinematic Intro (Emulator II V/Solina V).
10.- CAOS Cinematic Sequence (Emulator II V).
11.- CAOS HolyMoogy Lead (Mini V/Emulator II V).
12.- CAOS Moog Lead (Mini V).
13.- CAOS Orch Hit (Emulator II V).
14.- CAOS Pt. 2 Feedback Arp (Pigments).
15.- Castellon Hypnotic Voices (Emulator II V).
16.- Castellon KeyBrass (Pigments).
17.- Castellon KeyBrass & Piano (Pigments/Piano V).
18.- Castellon Trance Arp (Pigments).
19.- Ceasefire Detune Lead (Emulator II V).
20.- Ceasefire Glide Lead (Pigments).
21.- Ceasefire Hard Bass Line (Pigments).
22.- Ceasefire Keys (Emulator II V).
23.- Ceasefire Solo Lead (Emulator II V).
24.- Morales's Synth Lead (Pigments).
25.- Neo Age Arp Brass (CS-80 V).
26.- Neo Age Bass (Mini V).
27.- Neo Age Farfisa (Farfisa V).
28.- Neo Age Motion Pad (Pigments).
29.- Neo Age Sequence (DX7 V).
30.- Synthetic Fauna Latin Seq (Emulator II V).
31.- T.A.R.D.O.S. Plucky Lead (Pigments).
32.- T.A.R.D.O.S. Synth Lead (Pigments).
33.- The Resistance Mellotron Orch (Mellotron V).
34.- The Resistance Reverse Piano (Pigments).
35.- The Resistance S. Brass (Mini V).
36.- Virtual Desire Keys (Pigments).
37.- Virtual Desire Stab Brass (Pigments).
38.- What Are Feelings Arp (Pigments).
39.- What Are Feelings Brass (Pigments).
40.- What Are Feelings Trance Lead (Pigments).

Arturia ® is a registered trademark of Arturia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for