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LFO068 - Hypnosis - E-MU Proteus 1 Pop / Rock ( 64 presets )

Sales Price: 19 €
Discounted Price: 15,00 €
Hypnosis contains 64 organic presets for E-mu Proteus 1 Pop/Rock module.
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LFO068 - Hypnosis - E-MU Proteus 1 Pop / Rock ( 64 presets ) - Details

Finally we got a true classic from 90's in our hands - E-mu Proteus 1 Pop/Rock module!

Its having mysterious-kind of architecture - no filter & kind-of-chorus,for example, but trully magical vintage sound.

Every patch of our soundset is musical & can be immediately used in your tracks & production.
Enjoy and may the music come with you!



Modular Sounds

Patches List:

NK Sine
NK Fatum
NK Panned
NK Wheel Pad
NK Kraft B
NK A Tale
NK Space
NK Space 2
NK 7th
NK Altumn
NK Flashback
NK Synthwave
NK Holcler
NK Red Plane
NK Pulses
NK Complex
NK Shortie
NK Vox Hold
NK Mice Vox
NK AT Gane
NK Orgaric
NK Jet
NK Ancient
NK Kurzwell
NK VCo Lead
NK D50
NK Imersion
NK Waver
NK Landscape
NK Poly PL
NK Drittin
NK Lightyear
NK Darksoul
NK KeysEig
NK PolyDawn
NK Voxy
NK Hypnosis
NK Edge
NK Detuned
NK Sires
NK China
NK Stone
NK Stone2
NK Cathedral
NK Surnier
NK Versed
NK Linear
NK Bella
NK Chorused
NK Harger
NK Syrth Br
NK AdAstra
NK S Hill
NK Layer
NK Harpsi
NK Tidal
NK Insect
NK Sirius
NK Train
NK Wet4t
NK Wet412

E-mu ® is a registered trademark of E-mu Systems which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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