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SSX101 - The Floydian Wall V.1 - Korg KARMA

Sales Price: 59 €
Discounted Price: 39,00 €
An exhaustive collection of Pink Floyd sounds, each patch is carefully designed and programmed from scratch, inspiring the sound of the original recordings... the top for your Korg Karma... 32 new patches
Added by Synthsound


An exhaustive collection of Pink Floyd sounds for Korg KARMA. This pack focuses on the textures of the legendary british rock band Pink Floyd. We are sure that this product will meet your needs of sound; each patch is carefully designed and programmed from scratch, inspiring the sound of the original recordings in chronological order. 32 new complex sounds designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).



Patches List:
OOTD Patch 
Echoes Patch sw1
Time I
Time II
Time III
Home Again
Time Ending
The Great Patch sw2
Money sw1/-y
Us&Them sw2
Any Colour You
Brain Hamm+Slide
Brain Ending
Shine on Patch 
Shine II
Shine Solo+sol
Sorrow I
Sorrow II
Sorrow III
Sorrow IV
Comfortably I
Comfortably II
Brick Pt.1
Empty Spaces 
Thin Ice I
Thin Ice II
Final Cut Pad
Coming Back Pad
Marooned Intro

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