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LDX86 - Cover Pack Full Songs - Korg Krome

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
Korg Krome Cover Pack - Full Songs by SHADYSTRAZ
The collection for M50 ported to your Krome!
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Korg Krome Cover Pack - Full Songs by SHADYSTRAZ for Leadsounds.

Full set list:

Sacrificed Sons
Panic Attack
I walk Beside You
Ytse Jam
You not me
Where Angels Fear to tread
Trial of tears
to lame a land (dt version)
Time crunch
This Dying Soul (live)
These walls
THe Shattered Fortress
The root of all evil
The glass prison
The fury-sons of Anu
The dark eternal nicght
Take away my pain
stream of consciousness
Stargazer (DT version)
Six Dregrees of inner turbolence
Peruvian Skies
...and many others!


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