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SCL022 - CoverLogia - Complete Cover Collection V3 ( Pink Floyd + Queen + Toto + 80's Cover + Bonus DX sounds ) - Korg Nautilus Series

Sales Price: 108 €
Discounted Price: 79,00 €
A complete bank of 128 new Patches for Korg Nautilus inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Queen, Toto and many other artists of the 80's. Bonus sounds from the legendary Dx7 Synth.


A complete bank of 128 new patches for Korg Nautilus. Complete Cover Collection V3 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Queen, Toto and many other artists of the 80's. Also features bonus sounds from the legendary Dx7 Synth.





Set List 001:

1) PF Cover Pack MKIII

00: Shine intro (combi)
01: Shine pad & guitar + bells (combi)
02: Shine on you organ (program)
03: Shine organ & lead (combi)
04: Shine lead part 2 (program)
05: Shine lead end (program)
06: The great gig in the sky (program) NEW
07: The great gig in the sky (combi) NEW
08: Time Intro & sample (combi)
09: Time Wurli (program)
10: Time Pad (combi)
11: Time end (combi)
12: Money intro & sample (combi)
13: On the run (song)
14: Us and them (combi) NEW
15: Wish you synth brass (program)
16: Any colour lead (program)
17: Welcome to machine lead (program)
18: Echos piano (program)
19: Echoes organ & piano (Combi) NEW
20: Echos organ dist. (program) NEW
21: Echoes pad end (Combi) NEW
22: PF El. Piano (program)
23: Hey you hammond (program)
24: Hey you flies (combi)
25: Breath lapsteel (combi)
26: Breath organ (program)
27: In the flash hammond (program)
28: In the flash choir 1 (combi)
29: In the flash choir 2 (combi)
30: Cluster one (combi) NEW
31: High hopes intro (combi)
32: High hopes 2 (combi)
33: High hopes 3 (combi)
34: Marooned intro (program)
35: Comfortably orchestra (combi)
36: Comfortably orchestra 2 (combi)
37: Pigs (combi)
38: One of these days (combi)
39: Mother organ (program)
40: Children choir sample (program)

2) Queen Cover Pack

41: One Vision Patch (combi)
42: Show Must Go On (combi)
43: Radio Ga-Ga 1 (combi)
44: Radio Ga-Ga 2 (combi)
45: Who Wants DX7 & Strings (combi)
46: I Want to be Intro (program)
47: I Want to be El Piano (program)
48: I Want to be Lead (program)
49: I Want to be Strings (program)
50: A Kind Of Magic Strings (program)
51: Princes of the uni. Bells (program)
52: Princes of the uni. Strings JX- (program)
53: Princes of the uni. Synth (program)
54: Princes of the uni. Choir (combi)
55: Too Much Love El Piano (combi)

3) Toto Cover Pack

56: Africa Live Paris 2007 (combi)
57: Africa Solo 73/88 Keys (combi)
58: Africa Solo Flute 61 Keys (combi)
59: Africa S Marimba 61 keys (combi)
60: Africa Synth (program)
61: Toto Rock Piano (program)
62: Toto Rock Piano & Pad (program)
63: Rosanna Piano & Organ (combi)
64: Rosanna Synth Brass (program)
65: Bottom Of Your Soul Intro (combi)
66: Mr Friendly (combi)
67: Home Of The Brave Intro (combi)
68: 99 Solo Synth (program)
69: Stop Loving You DX (program)

4) 80'S Cover Pack

70: Walk of Life (combi)
71: I just died (combi)
72: Livin' on a prayer intro (combi)
73: Livin' on a prayer synth (program)
74: Livin' on a prayer ritorn. (combi)
75: Sweet dreams (combi)
76: Sweet dreams synth piano strings (combi)
77: Eye in the sky clavinet (program)
78: Eye in the sky (combi)
79: The final countdown (combi)
80: The final countdown pad (program)
81: Take on me intro (program)
82: Take on me 1 (combi) 
83: Take on me 2 (combi)
84: Take on me 3 (combi)
85: Another day in paradise (combi)
86: Don't me (combi)
87: Enola gay (combi)
88: Tom Sawyer (combi)
89: Thriller (program)
90: Jump synth brass (program) 
91: Rockit HH (program)
92: Axel F Synth (program)

5) Bonus DX Synth Pack

U-AA: DX1 (128 patches)
U-BB: DX5 (128 patches)
U-CC: DX7II (128 patches)
U-DD: ROM A_B (128 patches)
U-GG: ROM C-D (128 patches)

* N.B.: The samples contained in these sound libraries belong to the original artist. We do NOT own copyrights but use them for demonstration purposes since these samples are available on the web for free. We don't sell the samples but the patches only.

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for