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SCL199 - Deep Cover Pack - Korg Nautilus

Sales Price: 89 €
Discounted Price: 69,00 €
Awesome collection of famous sounds inspired by the genius of Jon Lord, Deep Purple keyboard player... over 32 new sounds !
Added by Sep Sarno


Awesome collection of famous sounds inspired by the genius of Jon LordDeep Purple keyboard player ! Over 32 new sounds patched and performed by Sep Sarno.



Patches List: ( COMBI: U-F,   PROG  U-FF /  U-GG )
1. Hush
2. Never Before
3. Maybe I’m a Leo
4. Highway Star
5. Child in Time
6. Smoke on the Water
7. Strange kind of woman
8. Lazy
9. Space Trucking
10. Black Night
11. Woman from Tokyo
12. Rat bat blue
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Gypsy’s Kiss
15. Burn
16. Stormbringer
17. Fireball
18. Speed King
19. Wasted sunset
20. Bloodsucker
21. The battle rages on
22. Pictures of home
23. Mistreated
24. Soldier of fortune
25. The mule
26. Sometimes i feel like screaming
27. Fools
28. Anya
29. Rapture of The Deep
30. You keep on movin
31. This time around/Owed to g
32. Migh just take your life

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