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SSX001 - Wizard Dream EXi + Kurzy 4 - Korg Nautilus Series

Sales Price: 99 €
Discounted Price: 79,00 €
This awesome pack includes advanced edited patches and complex splits inspired by the textures of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist in the band Dream Theater, including the brand new Kurzy 4 Layers Piano... 50 new patches !
Added by Synthsound


This new collection is a real revolution. All the sounds of previous editions have been completely revisited from scratch so as to give you the ultimate in quality sound experience. Wizard Dream EXi aims to recreate the same textures and atmospheres of original Dream Theater sounds used in their extraordinary career. It contains legendary lead tones, pads, strings, complex splits, groove hammond organs based on CX3 engine, and motion atmospheres. 

This edition features reloaded real time controls, drum tracks, foot pedal controls, switches, as well as the new EXi Engines ( AL-1, MOD-7, MS-20ex, PolysixEX, STR-1, CX3 ), various samples and the brand new Kurzy 4 with 4 dynamic layers.

Become protagonist on stage with these new complex combination sounds. Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).



Patches List : ( Combi U-B )

001: Liquid Lead Rev.olution 
002: New Hammer Lead 
003: New Wah Lead Rev 
004: Keytar I 
005: Keytar II  
006: Keytar III  
007: New Liquid Wah  
008: Steel Lead  
009: Orchestral Continuum 
010: Wizard Piano Atmos Vect  
011: Wizard Lead  
012: Sitar & Violin Lead SW2  
013: Wizard Groove  
014: Prog Organ Groove 
015: Pig Riff I  
016: Pig Riff II  
017: Pig Riff III 
018: Pig Riff IV  
019: Marimba Groove V3 sw1/2 
020: Marimba Groove II  
021: Old Liquid Lead  
022: Noosed Lead 
023: Dream Ensemble  
024: Wizard Str./Piano SW2 
025: Wizard Reg Time 
026: Clav Riff 
027: Sitar & Tablas 
028: Dark Reversed Piano Atmos 
029: Wiz.Reversed Piano 
030: Wizard OMB Split  
031: Continuum Revolution 
032: The Count of Pads  
033: Lap Steel Pad 
034: Acid Piano  
035: Wiz.Perc.Split  
036: Wizard Percussive Solo 
037: Guitar Intro & Lead SW2  
038: Wizard Gothic Choir/Guit 
039: Soft Delay Lead  
040: Harp/Piano Atmos  
041: Wizard Atmos Split 
042: Harp/Piano Atmos II FOOT 
043: Wizard Groove II 
044: Beyond The Pad 
045: Wizard Groove III  
046: Keyboard Madness SW1  
047: Over the Wizard 
048: Pull The Split 
049: Vectorial Piano Orchestra  
050: Dance Split I

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