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SCL020 - One vision Cover Pack - Korg Kronos Series ( 15 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 19,00 €
A collection of programs and combis which will help you to cover some famous songs by Queen... 15 new sounds!

SCL020 - One vision Cover Pack - Korg Kronos Series ( 15 presets ) - Details

This pack provides you the typical keyboard sounds that were used on the Queen extraordinary career. There are splits, strings, leads, arpeggio patterns, and pianos that sound so close to the original ones. 15 new sounds !



Download instructions for this sounds pack

Patches List: Combi U - G / Program U - G   U - GG / Setlist 001
00: One Vision Strings (combi)
01: The Show must go on (combi)
02: Radio Gaga Intro (combi)
03: Radio Piano, Pad & Bells (combi)
04: Who Wants DX7 & Strings (combi)
05: I Want to be Intro (program)
06: I Want to be El Piano (program)
07: I Want to be Lead (program)
08: I Want to be Strings (program)
09: A Kind Of Magic Strings (program)
10: Princes of the uni. Bells (program)
11: Princes of the uni. Strings JX- (program) 
12: Princes of the uni. Synth (program)
13: Princes of the uni. Choir (combi)
14: Too Much Love El Piano (combi)

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