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Vendor: YOU

LDX31 - Patches Of An Era V1 - Nightwish Cover - Korg Oasys

This collection contains 25 exciting sounds inspired by the famous live performance "End of an Era" from the famous finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish

Vendor: Synthsound

39,00 €
29,00 €

SSX08 - The Endless Floyd Anthology MKI - Korg Oasys

This collection contains some of the best sounds from the Pink Floyd world. The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology patched for KORG Oasys, 63 New Combination sounds and more of 128 programs...

Vendor: Synthsound

119,00 €
99,00 €

LDX99 - Monster Pack MKIII - Korg Oasys

Powerful pack with all the necessary to play live aloud and with personality: many metal leads, groove sounds, power pads and strings in... over 100 new sounds!

Vendor: Synthsound

89,00 €
69,00 €

SSX00 - World Piano - Korg Oasys

This is a collection of acoustic pianos. There are samples of the famous Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Yamaha and old Japanese captured in a dry environment with professional condenser microphones... over 64 new piano sounds!

Vendor: Synthsound

79,00 €
59,00 €

LDX100 - Monster and Symphony - Korg Oasys

Finally available the great metal bundle Monster & Symphony!!! Powerful pack with all the necessary to play live aloud and with personality: many metal leads, groove sounds, power pads, strings and all the Nightwish and gothic atmospheres... over 200 patches!

Vendor: Synthsound

109,00 €
89,00 €

SCL83 - ( Bundle ) - Monster Pack MKIII + The Endless Floyd Anthology - Korg Oasys

The bundle contains the Monster Pack MKIII and The Endless Floyd Anthology: leads, pads, strings, organs join the most complete collection on Pink Floyd for Korg Oasys... over 160 new patches !

Vendor: multivendor

198,00 €
148,00 €

SCL84 - ( Bundle ) - Monster and Symphony + World Piano - Korg Oasys

Finally available for Korg Oasys the bundle that combines the best of the leads, pads, organs and orchestral sounds with the best acoustic pianos collection... over 280 patches !

Vendor: multivendor

178,00 €
128,00 €

LDX90 - Sfam Covers - Korg Oasys

A huge collection of sounds of the whole Dream Theater's album "Scenes from a memory" on your Korg Oasys.

Vendor: Inemokeys

59,00 €
49,00 €

SCL108 - OASYSLOGIA - Korg Oasys

A bundle consisting of 5 banks of sounds: Monster Pack MKIII + SFAM Covers + Patches of an era + Endless Floyd Anthology + World Piano...

Vendor: multivendor

299,00 €
199,00 €